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  • تا بماند شاهی او سرمدی ** همچو عز ملک دین احمدی‏
  • So that his kingship remains unto everlasting, like the glory of the empire of the Mohammedan Religion.
  • کرامات ابراهیم ادهم بر لب دریا
  • The miracles of Ibráhím son of Adham on the seashore.
  • هم ز ابراهیم ادهم آمده ست ** کاو ز راهی بر لب دریا نشست‏ 3210
  • Thus, it is related of Ibráhím son of Adham that after a journey he sat down (to rest) by the edge of the sea.
  • دلق خود می‏دوخت آن سلطان جان ** یک امیری آمد آن جا ناگهان‏
  • (Whilst) that spiritual king was stitching his mantle, an Amír suddenly came to that spot.
  • آن امیر از بندگان شیخ بود ** شیخ را بشناخت سجده کرد زود
  • That Amír had been one of the Shaykh's servants; he recognized the Shaykh and at once bowed low.
  • خیره شد در شیخ و اندر دلق او ** شکل دیگر گشته خلق و خلق او
  • He was astounded at the Shaykh and at his dervish garb— (for) his nature and outward guise had become transformed—
  • کاو رها کرد آن چنان ملک شگرف ** بر گزید آن فقر بس باریک حرف‏
  • (Marvelling) that he gave up such a grand kingdom, and chose that very pettifogging (spiritual) poverty;
  • ترک کرد او ملک هفت اقلیم را ** می‏زند بر دلق سوزن چون گدا 3215
  • (And why) he renounced the sovereignty of the Seven Climes, and plies the needle on his dervish-cloak, like a beggar.
  • شخ واقف گشت از اندیشه‏اش ** شیخ چون شیر است و دلها بیشه‏اش‏
  • The Shaykh became aware of his thought: a Shaykh is as the lion, and (people's) hearts are his jungle.
  • چون رجا و خوف در دلها روان ** نیست مخفی بر وی اسرار جهان‏
  • He is entering, like hope and fear, into (their) hearts: not hid from him are the secrets of the world.
  • دل نگه دارید ای بی‏حاصلان ** در حضور حضرت صاحب دلان‏
  • Keep watch over your hearts, O fruitless ones, in the presence of the majesty of the men of heart (saints).