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  • او نپاید پیش هر نااوستا ** همچو طاوسی به خانه‏ی روستا
  • It does not abide with every unskilled tiro: (it is) like a peacock (which does not stay) in the house of a peasant.
  • یافتن پادشاه باز را به خانه‏ی کمپیر زن
  • How the King found his falcon in the house of a decrepit old woman.
  • دین نه آن باز است کاو از شه گریخت ** سوی آن کمپیر کاو می‏آرد بیخت‏
  • Religion is not (like) the falcon that fled from the King to the old crone who was sifting flour
  • تا که تتماجی پزد اولاد را ** دید آن باز خوش خوش زاد را
  • That she might cook tutmáj for her children. (When) she saw the beautiful well-born falcon,
  • پایکش بست و پرش کوتاه کرد ** ناخنش ببرید و قوتش کاه کرد 325
  • She tied its little foot and clipped its wings; she cut its talons and fed it with straw.
  • گفت نااهلان نکردندت به ساز ** پر فزود از حد و ناخن شد دراز
  • “Unworthy folk,” said she, “have not kept thee in (good) trim: thy wings are overgrown and thy talons have become long.
  • دست هر نااهل بیمارت کند ** سوی مادر آ که تیمارت کند
  • Every unworthy one's hand makes thee ill: come to thy mother that she may take care of thee.”
  • مهر جاهل را چنین دان ای رفیق ** کژ رود جاهل همیشه در طریق‏
  • Know, O friend, that such is the affection of the fool: the fool ever walks crookedly on the way.
  • روز شه در جستجو بی‏گاه شد ** سوی آن کمپیر و آن خرگاه شد
  • The King's day became late (far-spent) in searching (for the falcon): he went (at last) to the old woman and the tent (where she lived).
  • دید ناگه باز را در دود و گرد ** شه بر او بگریست زار و نوحه کرد 330
  • Suddenly he espied the falcon amidst smoke and dust: the King wept sorely over it and made lament.
  • گفت هر چند این جز ای کار تست ** که نباشی در وفای ما درست‏
  • He said, “Albeit this is the retribution for thy deed, in that thou art not firm in keeping faith with me,