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  • چون که هر حس بنده‏ی حس تو شد ** مر فلک‏ها را نباشد از تو بد
  • When every sense has become subject to thy sense, the heavenly spheres cannot avoid (obedience to) thee.
  • چون که دعویی رود در ملک پوست ** مغز آن کی بود قشر آن اوست‏ 3250
  • When a dispute takes place as to the ownership of the husk, the husk belongs to him who possesses the kernel.
  • چون تنازع در فتد در تنگ کاه ** دانه آن کیست آن را کن نگاه‏
  • When there happens to be a quarrel about a load of straw, observe who is the owner of the grain.
  • پس فلک قشر است و نور روح مغز ** این پدید است آن خفی زین رو ملغز
  • The heavenly sphere, then, is the husk, and the light of the spirit is the kernel. This (sky) is visible, that (spirit) is concealed; (but) do not stumble on this account.
  • جسم ظاهر روح مخفی آمده ست ** جسم همچون آستین جان همچو دست‏
  • The body is manifest, the (vital) spirit is concealed: the body is as the sleeve, the spirit as the hand.
  • باز عقل از روح مخفی‏تر بود ** حس سوی روح زوتر ره برد
  • Again, the intellect flies (moves) in a more occult manner than the (vital) spirit: (your mental) perception makes its way to (apprehends) the (vital) spirit sooner (than it apprehends the intellect).
  • جنبشی بینی بدانی زنده است ** این ندانی که ز عقل آگنده است‏ 3255
  • (If) you see a movement, you know that he (who moves) is alive; (but) this you do not know, that he is full of intellect,
  • تا که جنبشهای موزون سر کند ** جنبش مس را به دانش زر کند
  • Until regulated movements appear, and he by means of knowledge turns the motion of copper into gold.
  • ز آن مناسب آمدن افعال دست ** فهم آید مر ترا که عقل هست‏
  • From manual actions being conformable (to reason) you may perceive that there is intellect (behind them).
  • روح وحی از عقل پنهان‏تر بود ** ز انکه او غیب است او ز ان سر بود
  • The spirit (that partakes) of Divine inspiration is more concealed than the intellect, because it is of the Unseen: it belongs to that side.