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  • خود گرفته ستت تو چون کفتار کور ** این گرفتن را نبینی از غرور 3360
  • Indeed He has (already) chastised you, (but) like the blind hyena from self-deception you do not see the chastisement.
  • می‏گوند این جایگه کفتار نیست ** از برون جویید کاندر غار نیست‏
  • They (the hunters) are saying, "The hyena is not in this place; look for him outside, for he is not in the cave."
  • این همی‏گویند و بندش می‏نهند ** او همی‏گوید ز من بی‏آگهند
  • If the enemy had known of me, how should he have exclaimed, "Where is that hyena'?"
  • گر ز من آگاه بودی این عدو ** کی ندا کردی که آن کفتار کو
  • دعوی‏کردن آن شخص که خدای تعالی مرا نمی‏گیرد به گناه و جواب گفتن شعیب علیه السلام مر او را
  • The statement of a certain individual that God most High would not punish him for sin, and Shu‘ayb’s answer to him.
  • آن یکی می‏گفت در عهد شعیب ** که خدا از من بسی دیده ست عیب‏
  • In the time of Shu‘ayb a certain man was saying, “God hath seen many a fault from me.
  • چند دید از من گناه و جرمها ** و ز کرم یزدان نمی‏گیرد مرا 3365
  • How many sins and trespasses hath He seen me commit! And (still), God in His kindness does not punish me.”
  • حق تعالی گفت در گوش شعیب ** در جواب او فصیح از راه غیب‏
  • In answer to him God most High by the mysterious way spoke clearly into the ear of Shu‘ayb,
  • که بگفتی چند کردم من گناه ** و ز کرم نگرفت در جرمم اله‏
  • Saying, “(Tell him), Thou hast said, ‘How many sins have I committed! And (still) God in His kindness hath not punished me for my trespasses.’
  • عکس می‏گویی و مقلوب ای سفیه ** ای رها کرده ره و بگرفته تیه‏
  • Thou art saying the opposite and reverse (of the truth), O fool, O thou that hast abandoned the road and taken to the wilderness!
  • چند چندت گیرم و تو بی‏خبر ** در سلاسل مانده‏ای پا تا به سر
  • How oft, how oft do I chastise thee, and thou unaware! Thou art lying (bound) in chains from head to foot.