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  • مرد رومی کاو کند آهنگری ** رویش ابلق گردد از دود آوری‏
  • The Greek who does the work of an ironsmith—his face, from gathering smoke, becomes piebald (spotted with black).
  • پس بداند زود تاثیر گناه ** تا بنالد زود گوید ای اله‏
  • Therefore he will quickly recognise the effect of sin, so that he will soon lament (and) say, “O God!”
  • چون کند اصرار و بد پیشه کند ** خاک اندر چشم اندیشه کند
  • (But) when he persists (in sin) and makes a practice of evil, and puts dust in the eye of meditation,
  • توبه نندیشد دگر شیرین شود ** بر دلش آن جرم تا بی‏دین شود
  • He thinks of penitence no more: that sin becomes so sweet to his heart that (in the end) he comes to be without the Faith (he turns infidel).
  • آن پشیمانی و یا رب رفت از او ** شست بر آیینه زنگ پنج تو 3380
  • That repenting and (crying) “O Lord!” are gone from him: fivefold rust has settled on the mirror (of his heart).
  • آهنش را زنگها خوردن گرفت ** گوهرش را زنگ کم کردن گرفت‏
  • The coats of rust have began to eat his iron (mirror): the rust has begun to lessen its sheen.
  • چون نویسی کاغذ اسپید بر ** آن نبشته خوانده آید در نظر
  • When you write upon white paper, that writing may be read at sight.
  • چون نویسی بر سر بنوشته خط ** فهم ناید خواندنش گردد غلط
  • When you write script over that which has been (already) written, it is not understood: the reading of it will be erroneous;
  • کان سیاهی بر سیاهی اوفتاد ** هر دو خط شد کور و معنیی نداد
  • For that (second) blackness has fallen (been made) upon blackness; (hence) both scripts have become obscure and have given no meaning.
  • ور سوم باره نویسی بر سرش ** پس سیه کردی چو جان کافرش‏ 3385
  • And if you write a third time on the top of it, then you make it black as a soul full of wickedness.