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  • گر شود عالم پر از خون مال مال ** کی خورد بنده‏ی خدا الا حلال‏
  • If the (whole) world be filled to the brim with blood, how should the servant of God drink aught but what is hallowed?
  • گفتن عایشه مصطفی را علیه السلام که تو بی‏مصلا به هر جا نماز می‏کنی چون است‏
  • How ‘Á’isha—may God be well-pleased with her!—said to Mustafá (Mohammed), on whom be peace, “Thou performest the prayer anywhere, without a prayer-carpet. How is that?”
  • عایشه روزی به پیغمبر بگفت ** یا رسول الله تو پیدا و نهفت‏
  • One day ‘Á’isha said to the Prophet, “O Messenger of Allah, openly and secretly
  • هر کجا یابی نمازی می‏کنی ** می‏دود در خانه ناپاک و دنی‏ 3425
  • Thou performest a prayer in whatever place thou mayst find, (even whilst) unclean and low (people) are running about in the house;
  • مستحاضه و طفل و آلوده‏ی پلید ** کرد مستعمل به هر جا که رسید
  • Although thou knowest that any dirty child makes unclean every place he comes to."
  • گفت پیغمبر که از بهر مهان ** حق نجس را پاک گرداند بدان‏
  • The Prophet said, “Know that God makes impure (things) pure for the (spiritually) great.
  • سجده‏گاهم را از آن رو لطف حق ** پاک گردانید تا هفتم طبق‏
  • On that account the grace of God has made my place of worship to be pure (everywhere, even) up to the seventh tier (of Heaven).”
  • هان و هان ترک حسد کن با شهان ** ور نه ابلیسی شوی اندر جهان‏
  • Beware and beware! Cease from envying the (spiritual) kings, else you will become a devil in the world.
  • کاو اگر زهری خورد شهدی شود ** تو اگر شهدی خوری زهری بود 3430
  • For if he drink poison, it turns to honey; (but) if you eat honey, it is poison (to you);
  • کاو بدل گشت و بدل شد کار او ** لطف گشت و نور شد هر نار او
  • For he has been changed, and his action has been changed: he has become the Grace (of God), and every fire in him has been turned into Light.
  • قوت حق بود مر بابیل را ** ور نه مرغی چون کشد مر پیل را
  • The abábíl (swifts) had the power of God (in them); else, how should a bird kill an elephant?