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  • کرد عزم باز گشتن سوی شاه ** اشک می‏بارید و می‏برید راه‏
  • He resolved to return to the king, (and set out) shedding tears and traversing the way.
  • شرح کردن شیخ سر آن درخت را با آن طالب مقلد
  • How the Shaykh explained the hidden meaning of the tree to the seeker who was in the bondage of formalism.
  • بود شیخی عالمی قطبی کریم ** اندر آن منزل که آیس شد ندیم‏
  • There was a wise Shaykh, a noble Qutb, at the halting-place where the king's intimate fell into despair.
  • گفت من نومید پیش او روم ** ز آستان او به راه اندر شوم‏ 3660
  • He (the envoy) said, “Being without hope, I will go to him, and set out on the road (again) from his threshold,
  • تا دعای او بود همراه من ** چون که نومیدم من از دل خواه من‏
  • In order that his prayer (blessing) may accompany me, since I have no hope of (winning) my heart's desire.”
  • رفت پیش شیخ با چشم پر آب ** اشک می‏بارید مانند سحاب‏
  • With tearful eyes he went to the Shaykh: he was raining tears, like a cloud.
  • گفت شیخا وقت رحم و رقت است ** ناامیدم وقت لطف این ساعت است‏
  • “O Shaykh,” he cried, “it is the time for mercy and pity; I am in despair: now is the time for kindness.”
  • گفت وا گو کز چه نومیدیستت ** چیست مطلوب تو رو با چیستت‏
  • He (the Shaykh) said, “Say plainly what is the cause of thy despair: what is thy object? what hast thou in view?”
  • گفت شاهنشاه کردم اختیار ** از برای جستن یک شاخسار 3665
  • He answered, “The Emperor chose me out to seek a certain branching tree,
  • که درختی هست نادر در جهات ** میوه‏ی او مایه‏ی آب حیات‏
  • For there is a tree, unique in (all) the quarters (of the world): its fruit is (of) the substance of the Water of Life.
  • سالها جستم ندیدم یک نشان ** جز که طنز و تسخر این سر خوشان‏
  • I have sought (it) for years and seen no sign (of it) except the gibes and ridicule of these merry men.”