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  • رحمتم موقوف آن خوش گریه‏هاست ** چون گریست از بحر رحمت موج خاست‏ 375
  • My mercy is dependent on that goodly weeping: when he weeps, waves rise from the sea of (My) mercy.”
  • حلوا خریدن شیخ احمد خضرویه قدس الله سره العزیز جهت غریمان به الهام حق
  • How by Divine inspiration Shaykh Ahmad son of Khizrúya bought halwá (sweetmeat) for his creditors.
  • بود شیخی دایما او وامدار ** از جوانمردی که بود آن نامدار
  • There was a Shaykh who was continually in debt because of the generosity which that illustrious one had (in his nature).
  • ده هزاران وام کردی از مهان ** خرج کردی بر فقیران جهان‏
  • He used to make myriads of debts (by borrowing) from the great, and spend (all the money) upon the poor (dervishes) of the world.
  • هم به وام او خانقاهی ساخته ** جان و مال و خانقه درباخته‏
  • He had also built a monastery (for Súfís) by (running into) debt; he had devoted life and wealth and monastery (to God).
  • وام او را حق ز هر جا می‏گزارد ** کرد حق بهر خلیل از ریگ آرد
  • God was paying his debts from every quarter: God made flour out of sand for the Friend's (Abraham's) sake.
  • گفت پیغمبر که در بازارها ** دو فرشته می‏کنند ایدر دعا 380
  • The prophet said that two angels are (always) praying here in the markets, (saying),
  • کای خدا تو منفقان را ده خلف ** ای خدا تو ممسکان را ده تلف‏
  • “O God, do Thou give the prodigal a boon in return, and O God do Thou give the miserly a bane (in return).”
  • خاصه آن منفق که جان انفاق کرد ** حلق خود قربانی خلاق کرد
  • Especially (does this apply to) the prodigal who has freely spent his soul (life) and made his throat a sacrifice to the Creator.
  • حلق پیش آورد اسماعیل‏وار ** کارد بر حلقش نیارد کرد کار
  • He offers his throat, like Ismá‘íl (Ishmael): the knife cannot do anything to (hurt) his throat.
  • پس شهیدان زنده زین رویند و خوش ** تو بدان قالب بمنگر گبروش‏
  • On this account, then, the martyrs are living and joyous: do not, infidel-like, look at the body (alone),