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  • دید کابش می‏چکید از دست و رو ** جامه‏اش تر بود از آثار وضو
  • Observed that water was trickling from his hands and face, (and that) his garment was wet with the traces of ablution;
  • پس بپرسیدش که آبت از کجاست ** دست را برداشت کز سوی شماست‏
  • So he asked him, “Whence hast thou water?” He lifted his hand, (indicating) that it came from heaven.
  • گفت هر گاهی که خواهی می‏رسد ** بی‏ز جاه و بی‏ز حبل من مسد
  • He (the pilgrim) said, “Does it come whenever thou wilt, without (any) well and without (any) rope of palm-fibre?
  • مشکل ما حل کن ای سلطان دین ** تا ببخشد حال تو ما را یقین‏ 3800
  • Solve our difficulty, O Sultan of the Religion, in order that thy (spiritual) experience may give us certain faith.
  • وانما سری ز اسرارت به ما ** تا ببریم از میان زنارها
  • Reveal to us one of thy mysteries, that we may cut from our waists the cords (of infidelity).”
  • چشم را بگشود سوی آسمان ** که اجابت کن دعای حاجیان‏
  • He (the ascetic) opened his eyes towards heaven, saying, “(O God), answer the prayer of the pilgrims!
  • رزق جویی را ز بالا خو گرم ** تو ز بالا بر گشودستی درم‏
  • I am accustomed to seeking daily bread from above: Thou hast opened to me the door from above,
  • ای نموده تو مکان از لامکان ** فی السماء رزقکم کرده عیان‏
  • O Thou who from non-spatiality hast brought space into view, and hast made manifest (the fact that) in heaven is your daily bread.”
  • در میان این مناجات ابر خوش ** زود پیدا شد چو پیل آب کش‏ 3805
  • In the midst of this orison a fair cloud suddenly appeared, like a water bearing elephant,
  • همچو آب از مشک باریدن گرفت ** در گو و در غارها مسکن گرفت‏
  • And began to pour down rain, like water from a water-skin: the rain-water settled in the ditch and in the hollows.