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  • ترک چون باشد بیابد خرگهی ** خاصه چون باشد عزیز درگهی‏
  • When the Turcoman is there, he will find a tent, especially when he is one held in honour at the Court (of God).
  • تمامی قصه‏ی زنده شدن استخوانها به دعای عیسی علیه السلام
  • Conclusion of the story of the coming to life of the bones at the prayer of Jesus, on whom be peace!
  • خواند عیسی نام حق بر استخوان ** از برای التماس آن جوان‏
  • Jesus pronounced the Name of God over the bones on account of the young man’s entreaty.
  • حکم یزدان از پی آن خام مرد ** صورت آن استخوان را زنده کرد
  • For the sake of that foolish man the decree of God gave life to the form which those bones had possessed.
  • از میان بر جست یک شیر سیاه ** پنجه‏ای زد کرد نقشش را تباه‏
  • A black lion sprang forth, smote once with its paw, and destroyed his (bodily) image.
  • کله‏اش بر کند مغزش ریخت زود ** مغز جوزی کاندر او مغزی نبود 460
  • It tore up his skull: his brain was scattered on the spot-the brain (kernel) of a nut, for in him was no brain.
  • گر و را مغزی بدی اشکستنش ** خود نبودی نقص الا بر تنش‏
  • If he had had a brain, his being broken to pieces would have been no injury at all except to his body.
  • گفت عیسی چون شتابش کوفتی ** گفت ز آن رو که تو زو آشوفتی‏
  • Jesus said (to the lion), “How did you maul him so quickly?” The lion said, “Because thou wert troubled by him.”
  • گفت عیسی چون نخوردی خون مرد ** گفت در قسمت نبودم رزق خورد
  • Jesus asked, “How did not you drink the man’s blood?”  “In the (Divine) dispensation ‘twas not granted to me to drink (it),” replied the lion.
  • ای بسا کس همچو آن شیر ژیان ** صید خود ناخورده رفته از جهان‏
  • Oh, many a one that like that raging lion has departed from the world without having eaten his prey!
  • قسمتش کاهی نه و حرصش چو کوه ** وجه نه و کرده تحصیل وجوه‏ 465
  • His (ordained portion is not (even) a straw, while his greed is as (great as) a mountain; he hat no means (of satisfying his desires), though he has gotten the (material) means.