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  • کان جمال دل جمال باقی است ** دولتش از آب حیوان ساقی است‏
  • For that beauty of the heart is the lasting beauty: its fortune gives to drink of the Water of Life.
  • خود هم او آب است و هم ساقی و مست ** هر سه یک شد چون طلسم تو شکست‏
  • Truly it is both the water and the giver of drink and the drunken: all three become one when your talisman is shattered.
  • آن یکی را تو ندانی از قیاس ** بندگی کن ژاژ کم خا ناشناس‏
  • That oneness you cannot know by reasoning. Do service (to God) and refrain from foolish gabble, O undiscerning man!
  • معنی تو صورت است و عاریت ** بر مناسب شادی و بر قافیت‏
  • Your reality is the form and that which is borrowed: you rejoice in what is relative and (secondary like) rhyme.
  • معنی آن باشد که بستاند ترا ** بی‏نیاز از نقش گرداند ترا 720
  • Reality is that which seizes (enraptures) you and makes you independent of form.
  • معنی آن نبود که کور و کر کند ** مرد را بر نقش عاشق‏تر کند
  • Reality is not that which makes blind and deaf and causes a man to be more in love with form.
  • کور را قسمت خیال غم فزاست ** بهره‏ی چشم این خیالات فناست‏
  • The portion of the blind is the fancy that increases pain; the share of the (spiritual) eye is these fancies (ideas) of dying to self (faná).
  • حرف قرآن را ضریران معدن‏اند ** خر نبینند و به پالان بر زنند
  • The blind are a mine (full) of the letter of the Qur’án: they do not see the ass, and (only) cling to the pack-saddle.
  • چون تو بینایی پی خر رو که جست ** چند پالان دوزی ای پالان پرست‏
  • Since you have sight, go after the ass which has jumped (away from you): how long (will you persist in) stitching the saddle, O saddle-worshipper?
  • خر چو هست آید یقین پالان ترا ** کم نگردد نان چو باشد جان ترا 725
  • When the ass is there, the saddle will certainly be yours: bread does not fail when you have the (vital) spirit.