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  • دل نباشد، تن چه داند گفت‏وگو ** دل نجوید، تن چه داند جستجو
  • (If) the heart be not there, how can the body talk and speak? (If) the heart seek not, how can the body seek and search?
  • پس نظرگاه شعاع آن آهن است ** پس نظرگاه خدا دل نی تن است‏
  • Therefore the theatre of the (Divine) rays is that iron; therefore the theatre of God is the heart, not the body.
  • باز این دلهای جزوی چون تن است ** با دل صاحب دلی کاو معدن است‏
  • Again, these partial (individual) hearts are as the body in relation to the heart of the man of heart (the perfect saint), which is the original source.
  • بس مثال و شرح خواهد این کلام ** لیک ترسم تا نلغزد وهم عام‏ 840
  • This argument wants much illustration and exposition, but I fear lest the opinion of the vulgar should stumble (and fall into error),
  • تا نگردد نیکویی ما بدی ** اینکه گفتم هم نبد جز بی‏خودی‏
  • (And) lest my goodness should be turned (by them) to badness;—even this that I have spoken was (from) naught but selflessness.
  • پای کج را کفش کج بهتر بود ** مر گدا را دستگه بر در بود
  • The crooked shoe is better for the crooked foot; the beggar's power reaches only as far as the door.
  • امتحان پادشاه به آن دو غلام که نو خریده بود
  • How the King made trial of the two slaves whom he had recently purchased.
  • پادشاهی دو غلام ارزان خرید ** با یکی ز آن دو سخن گفت و شنید
  • A King bought two slaves cheap, and conversed with one of the twain.
  • یافتش زیرک دل و شیرین جواب ** از لب شکر چه زاید شکر آب‏
  • He found him quick-witted and answering sweetly: what issues from the sugar-lip? Sugar-water.
  • آدمی مخفی است در زیر زبان ** این زبان پرده است بر درگاه جان‏ 845
  • Man is concealed underneath his tongue: this tongue is the curtain over the gate of the soul.
  • چون که بادی پرده را در هم کشید ** سر صحن خانه شد بر ما پدید
  • When a gust of wind has rolled up the curtain, the secret of the interior of the house is disclosed to us,