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  • نور هر گوهر کز او تابان شدی ** حق و باطل را از او فرقان شدی‏
  • (And that) the light that shone from every pearl became a criterion for distinguishing between truth and falsehood.
  • نور فرقان فرق کردی بهر ما ** ذره ذره حق و باطل را جدا
  • (So) would the light of the Criterion (Universal Reason), (if it shone into our hearts), distinguish for us truth and falsehood and separate them mote by mote;
  • نور گوهر نور چشم ما شدی ** هم سؤال و هم جواب از ما بدی‏
  • The light of the (Divine) Pearl would become the light of our eyes: both the question and the answer would be (would come) from us.
  • چشم کژ کردی دو دیدی قرص ماه ** چون سؤال است این نظر در اشتباه‏
  • (But) you have made your eyes awry and seen the moon's disk double: this gazing in perplexity is like the question.
  • راست گردان چشم را در ماهتاب ** تا یکی بینی تو مه را نک جواب‏ 855
  • Make your eyes straight in the moonshine, so that you may see the moon as one. Lo, (that is) the answer.
  • فکرتت که کژ مبین نیکو نگر ** هست آن فکرت شعاع آن گهر
  • Your thought, (namely), "Do not see awry, look well!" is just the light and radiance of that Pearl.
  • هر جوابی کان ز گوش آید به دل ** چشم گفت از من شنو آن را بهل‏
  • Whenever an answer comes to the heart through the ear, the eye says, “Hear it from me; let that (answer given through the ear) alone!”
  • گوش دلاله ست و چشم اهل وصال ** چشم صاحب حال و گوش اصحاب قال‏
  • The ear is a go-between, while the eye is possessed of union (immediate vision); the eye has direct experience (of reality), while the ear has (only) words (doctrine).
  • در شنود گوش تبدیل صفات ** در عیان دیدها تبدیل ذات‏
  • In the ear's hearing there is a transformation of qualities; in the eyes' seeing there is a transformation of essence.
  • ز آتش ار علمت یقین شد از سخن ** پختگی جو در یقین منزل مکن‏ 860
  • If your knowledge of fire has been turned to certainty by words (alone), seek to be cooked (by the fire itself), and do not abide in the certainty (of knowledge derived from others).