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  • تو مترس و مهلتش ده دم‌دراز ** گو سپه گرد آر و صد حیلت بساز
  • Have thou no fear, and give him a lengthy respite; bid him bring together his host and prepare a hundred devices.”
  • مهلت دادن موسی علیه‌السلام فرعون را تا ساحران را جمع کند از مداین
  • How Moses, on whom be peace, gave Pharaoh a respite, that he might assemble the magicians from the cities.
  • گفت امر آمد برو مهلت ترا ** من بجای خود شدم رستی ز ما
  • He (Moses) said, “The (Divine) command hath come. Go, the respite is (granted) to thee. I depart to my dwelling-place: thou art delivered from me.”
  • او همی‌شد و اژدها اندر عقب ** چون سگ صیاد دانا و محب 1100
  • He was going (on his way), and at his heels (went) the dragon wise and loving, like the hunter's dog.
  • چون سگ صیاد جنبان کرده دم ** سنگ را می‌کرد ریگ او زیر سم
  • Like the hunter's dog, wagging its tail: it made the stones (crumble as) sand beneath its hoof.
  • سنگ و آهن را بدم در می‌کشید ** خرد می‌خایید آهن را پدید
  • With its breath it drew in stone and iron (to its jaws) and visibly chewed the iron into small fragments.
  • در هوا می‌کرد خود بالای برج ** که هزیمت می‌شد از وی روم و گرج
  • In the air it was making itself (rise) above the zodiac, so that Greeks and Georgians would flee from it in panic.
  • کفک می‌انداخت چون اشتر ز کام ** قطره‌ای بر هر که زد می‌شد جذام
  • From its palate it cast out foam, like a camel: whomsoever a drop hit, he was smitten with tubercular leprosy.
  • ژغژغ دندان او دل می‌شکست ** جان شیران سیه می‌شد ز دست 1105
  • The gnashing of its teeth would break the heart; the souls of black lions would be distraught (with terror).
  • چون به قوم خود رسید آن مجتبی ** شدق او بگرفت باز او شد عصا
  • When that chosen one (Moses) reached his kinsfolk, he took hold of the corner of its mouth, and it became again a staff.
  • تکیه بر وی کرد و می‌گفت ای عجب ** پیش ما خورشید و پیش خصم شب
  • He leaned upon it, saying, “O wonder! to me (’tis clear as) the sun, to my enemy (’tis dark as) night.