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  • چون لب جو نیست مشکا لب ببند ** بی لب و ساحل بدست این بحر قند
  • Since there is no river-marge, close thy lips, O waterskin: this Sea of candy hath (ever) been without marge or shore.
  • فرستادن فرعون به مداین در طلب ساحران
  • How Pharaoh sent (messengers) to the cities in search of the magicians.
  • چونک موسی بازگشت و او بماند ** اهل رای و مشورت را پیش خواند
  • When Moses had returned (home) and he (Pharaoh) remained (with his own people), he called his advisers and counsellors to his presence.
  • آنچنان دیدند کز اطراف مصر ** جمع آردشان شه و صراف مصر
  • They deemed it right that the King and Ruler of Egypt should assemble them (the magicians) from all parts of Egypt.
  • او بسی مردم فرستاد آن زمان ** هر نواحی بهر جمع جادوان
  • Thereupon he sent many men in every direction to collect the sorcerers.
  • هر طرف که ساحری بد نامدار ** کرد پران سوی او ده پیک کار 1160
  • In whatsoever region there was a renowned magician, he set flying towards him ten active couriers.
  • دو جوان بودند ساحر مشتهر ** سحر ایشان در دل مه مستمر
  • There were two youths, famous magicians: their magic penetrated into the heart of the moon.
  • شیر دوشیده ز مه فاش آشکار ** در سفرها رفته بر خمی سوار
  • They milked the moon publicly and openly; in their journeys they went mounted on a wine-jar.
  • شکل کرباسی نموده ماهتاب ** آن بپیموده فروشیده شتاب
  • They caused the moonshine to appear like a piece of linen: they measured and sold it speedily,
  • سیم برده مشتری آگه شده ** دست از حسرت به رخها بر زده
  • And took the silver away: the purchaser, on becoming aware (of the fraud), would smite his hand upon his cheeks in grief.
  • صد هزاران همچنین در جادوی ** بوده منشی و نبوده چون روی 1165
  • They were the inventors of a hundred thousand such (tricks) in sorcery, and were not (following others) like the rhyme-letter.