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  • عاشق صنع خدا با فر بود ** عاشق مصنوع او کافر بود
  • He that loves God's making is glorious; he that loves what He hath made is an unbeliever.
  • توفیق میان این دو حدیث کی الرضا بالکفر کفر و حدیث دیگر من لم یرض بقضایی فلیطلب ربا سوای
  • Reconciliation of these two Traditions: “To be satisfied with infidelity is an act of infidelity,” and “If any one is not satisfied with My ordainment, let him seek a lord other than Me.”
  • دی سالی کرد سایل مر مرا ** زانک عاشق بود او بر ماجرا
  • Yesterday an inquirer put a question to me, because he was fond of disputation.
  • گفت نکته‌ی الرضا بالکفر کفر ** این پیمبر گفت و گفت اوست مهر
  • He said, “This Prophet uttered the deep saying, ‘To be satisfied with infidelity is an act of infidelity’; his words are (conclusive like) a seal.
  • باز فرمود او که اندر هر قضا ** مر مسلمان را رضا باید رضا
  • Again, he said that the Moslem must be satisfied (acquiesce) in every ordainment, must be satisfied.
  • نه قضای حق بود کفر و نفاق ** گر بدین راضی شوم باشد شقاق 1365
  • Is not infidelity and hypocrisy the ordainment of God? If I become satisfied with this (infidelity), ’twill be opposition (disobedience to God),
  • ور نیم راضی بود آن هم زیان ** پس چه چاره باشدم اندر میان
  • And if I am not satisfied, that too will be detrimental: between (these two alternatives), then, what means (of escape) is there for me?”
  • گفتمش این کفر مقضی نه قضاست ** هست آثار قضا این کفر راست
  • I said to him, “This infidelity is the thing ordained, it is not the ordainment; this infidelity is truly the effects of the ordainment.
  • پس قضا را خواجه از مقضی بدان ** تا شکالت دفع گردد در زمان
  • Therefore know (distinguish), sire, the ordainment from the thing ordained, so that thy difficulty may be removed at once.
  • راضیم در کفر زان رو که قضاست ** نه ازین رو که نزاع و خبث ماست
  • I acquiesce in infidelity in that respect that it is the ordainment (of God), not in this respect that it is our contentiousness and wickedness.
  • کفر از روی قضا خود کفر نیست ** حق را کافر مخوان اینجا مه‌ایست 1370
  • In respect of the ordainment, infidelity indeed is not infidelity. Do not call God ‘infidel,’ do not stand here.