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  • آنک یک دم کم دمی کامل بود ** نیست معبود خلیل آفل بود
  • He that at one moment is deficient and at another moment perfect is not He that was worshipped by Khalíl (Abraham): he is one that sinks;
  • وانک آفل باشد و گه آن و این ** نیست دلبر لا احب افلین 1430
  • And he that is liable to sink and is now that and (now) this is not the (true) beloved: “I love not them that sink.”
  • آنک او گاهی خوش و گه ناخوشست ** یک زمانی آب و یک دم آتشست
  • He that is now pleasing and now unpleasing, at one time water and at one moment fire,
  • برج مه باشد ولیکن ماه نه ** نقش بت باشد ولی آگاه نه
  • May be the mansion of the Moon, but he is not the Moon; he may be the picture of the Adored One, but he is not conscious.
  • هست صوفی صفاجو ابن وقت ** وقت را همچون پدر بگرفته سخت
  • The Súfí that seeks purity is ‘the son of the time’: he has clasped the ‘time’ tightly as (though it were) his father.
  • هست صافی غرق عشق ذوالجلال ** ابن کس نه فارغ از اوقات و حال
  • The pure one (sáfí) is plunged in love of the Glorious (God); he is not the son of any one, (he is) free from ‘times’ and ‘states’—
  • غرقه‌ی نوری که او لم یولدست ** لم یلد لم یولد آن ایزدست 1435
  • Plunged in the Light which is unbegotten: (the description) He neither begetteth nor is He begotten belongs to God (alone).
  • رو چنین عشقی بجو گر زنده‌ای ** ورنه وقت مختلف را بنده‌ای
  • Go, seek a love like this, if thou art (spiritually) alive; otherwise, thou art a slave to the changing “time.”
  • منگر اندر نقش زشت و خوب خویش ** بنگر اندر عشق و در مطلوب خویش
  • Do not regard thy ugly or beauteous form; regard Love and the object of thy search.
  • منگر آنک تو حقیری یا ضعیف ** بنگر اندر همت خود ای شریف
  • Do not regard the fact that thou art despicable or infirm; look upon thy aspiration, O noble one.