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  • بلک می‌افتی ز لرزه‌ی دل به وهم ** ترس وهمی را نکو بنگر بفهم
  • Nay, through (the force of) imagination and from trembling of heart, you will be (on the point of) falling. Consider well and understand the fear that is due to imagination.
  • رنجور شدن اوستاد به وهم
  • How the teacher was made ill by imagination.
  • گشت استا سست از وهم و ز بیم ** بر جهید و می‌کشانید او گلیم
  • The master became unnerved by imagination and dread; he sprang up and began to drag his cloak along,
  • خشمگین با زن که مهر اوست سست ** من بدین حالم نپرسید و نجست
  • Angry with his wife and saying, “Her love is weak: I am in this state (of health), and she did not ask and inquire.
  • خود مرا آگه نکرد از رنگ من ** قصد دارد تا رهد از ننگ من
  • She did not even inform me about my colour: she intends to be freed from my disgrace.
  • او به حسن و جلوه‌ی خود مست گشت ** بی‌خبر کز بام افتادم چو طشت 1565
  • She has become intoxicated with her beauty and the display (of her charms) and is unaware that I have fallen from the roof, like a bowl.”
  • آمد و در را بتندی وا گشاد ** کودکان اندر پی آن اوستاد
  • He came (home) and fiercely opened the door—the boys (were following) at the master's heels.
  • گفت زن خیرست چون زود آمدی ** که مبادا ذات نیکت را بدی
  • His wife said, “Is it well (with thee)? How hast thou come (so) soon? May no evil happen to thy goodly person!”
  • گفت کوری رنگ و حال من ببین ** از غمم بیگانگان اندر حنین
  • He said, “Are you blind? Look at my colour and appearance: (even) strangers are lamenting my affliction,
  • تو درون خانه از بغض و نفاق ** می‌نبینی حال من در احتراق
  • (While) you, at home, from hatred and hypocrisy do not see the state of anguish I am in.”
  • گفت زن ای خواجه عیبی نیستت ** وهم و ظن لاش بی معنیستت 1570
  • His wife said, “O sir, there is nothing wrong with thee: ’tis (only) thy vain unreal imagination and opinion.”