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  • دیدن آن بند احمد را رسد ** بر گلوی بسته حبل من مسد
  • Vision of that chain (of Destiny) belongs to Ahmad (Mohammad): (he saw it) on the throat bound wit acord of palm-fibres.
  • دید بر پشت عیال بولهب ** تنگ هیزم گفت حماله‌ی حطب
  • He saw a load of firewood on the back of Abu Lahab’s wife and said,the carrier of faggots(for Hell-fire).
  • حبل و هیزم را جز او چشمی ندید ** که پدید آید برو هر ناپدید 1665
  • The cord and the firewood no eye beheld but his, for to him every unseen thing becomes visible.
  • باقیانش جمله تاویلی کنند ** کین ز بیهوشیست و ایشان هوشمند
  • All the rest interpret it (falsely), for this (vision) arises from senselessness (spiritual rapture), and they are sensible-
  • لیک از تاثیر آن پشتش دوتو ** گشته و نالان شده او پیش تو
  • But from the effect of that (chain) his (the sufferer’s) back has been bent double, and he is moaning before you,
  • که دعایی همتی تا وا رهم ** تا ازین بند نهان بیرون جهم
  • (And crying), ‘A prayer! A benediction !that I may be delivered and that I may escape from this hidden chain.”
  • آنک بیند این علامتها پدید ** چون نداند او شقی را از سعید
  • He who sees these signs clearly, how should not he know the damned from the blest?
  • داند و پوشد بامر ذوالجلال ** که نباشد کشف راز حق حلال 1670
  • He knows, and by command of the Almighty he conceals (it), for it would not be lawful to divulge the secret of God.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد آن فقیر ** از مجاعت شد زبون و تن اسیر
  • This discourse hath no end. That dervish, through hunger, became feeble and his body a prisoner.
  • مضطرب شدن فقیر نذر کرده بکندن امرود از درخت و گوشمال حق رسیدن بی مهلت
  • How the dervish became weak-kneed on plucking the pears from the tree, and how God’s chastisement came (upon him) without delay.
  • پنج روز آن باد امرودی نریخت ** ز آتش جوعش صبوری می‌گریخت
  • For five days the wind did not cause a single pear to drop, and on account of the fire (pangs) of hunger his patience was fleeing (deserting him).