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  • وهم تفریق سر و پا از تو رفت ** دفع وهم اسپر رسیدت نیک زفت 1720
  • Vain imagination concerning the dismemberment of head and foot has gone from thee: there has come to thee, for a defence against imagination, a shield exceeding strong.”
  • سبب جرات ساحران فرعون بر قطع دست و پا
  • The reason why the magicians of Pharaoh had courage to suffer the amputation of their hands and feet.
  • ساحران را نه که فرعون لعین ** کرد تهدید سیاست بر زمین
  • Is it not (the fact) that the accursed Pharaoh threatened (the magicians with) punishment on the earth,
  • که ببرم دست و پاتان از خلاف ** پس در آویزم ندارمتان معاف
  • Saying, “I will cut off your hands and feet on opposite sides, then I will hang you up: I will not hold you exempt (from punishment)”?
  • او همی‌پنداشت کایشان در همان ** وهم و تخویفند و وسواس و گمان
  • He thought that they were (still) in the same imagination and terror and distraction and doubt,
  • که بودشان لرزه و تخویف و ترس ** از توهمها و تهدیدات نفس
  • So that they would be trembling and terrified and affrighted by the vain imaginings and threats of the carnal soul.
  • او نمی‌داست کایشان رسته‌اند ** بر دریچه‌ی نور دل بنشسته‌اند 1725
  • He did not know that they had been delivered and were seated at the window of the light of the heart;
  • این جهان خوابست اندر ظن مه‌ایست ** گر رود درخواب دستی باک نیست
  • (And that) they had recognised (the difference of) their (bodily) shadows from their (real) selves, and were brisk and alert and happy and exulting;
  • گر بخواب اندر سرت ببرید گاز ** هم سرت بر جاست و هم عمرت دراز
  • (And that), if the mortar of the Sky (Fortune) should pound them small a hundred times in this miry place (the material world),
  • گر ببینی خواب در خود را دو نیم ** تن‌درستی چون بخیزی نی سقیم
  • (Yet), since they had seen the origin of this (corporeal) composition, they were not afraid of the derivatives (which belong to the domain) of imagination.
  • حاصل اندر خواب نقصان بدن ** نیست باک و نه دوصد پاره شدن
  • This world is a dream—do not rest in (false) opinion; if in dream a hand go (be lost), ’tis no harm.