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  • چونک هستی‌اش نماند پیر اوست ** گر سیه‌مو باشد او یا خود دوموست
  • When his self-existence has ceased, he is “old” (pír), whether he be black-haired or grizzled.
  • هست آن موی سیه وصف بشر ** نیست آن مو موی ریش و موی سر
  • That “black hair” is the attribute of (sensual) men; that “hair” is not the hair of the beard or the hair of the head.
  • عیسی اندر مهد بر دارد نفیر ** که جوان ناگشته ما شیخیم و پیر
  • Jesus in the cradle raises a cry, saying, “Without having become a youth, I am a Shaykh and a Pír.”
  • گر رهید از بعض اوصاف بشر ** شیخ نبود کهل باشد ای پسر 1795
  • If he (the Súfí) has been delivered from (only) a part of the attributes of (sensual) men, he is not a Shaykh; he is grey (middle-aged), O son.
  • چون یکی موی سیه کان وصف ماست ** نیست بر وی شیخ و مقبول خداست
  • When there is not on him a single black hair (of the self-existence) which is our attribute, (then) he is a Shaykh and accepted of God;
  • چون بود مویش سپید ار با خودست ** او نه پیرست و نه خاص ایزدست
  • (But) if, when his hair is white, he is (still) with himself (self-existent), he is not a Pír and is not the elect of God;
  • ور سر مویی ز وصفش باقیست ** او نه از عرش است او آفاقیست
  • And if a single hair-tip of his (sensual) attributes is surviving, he is not of heaven: he belongs to the (material) world.
  • عذر گفتن شیخ بهر ناگریستن بر فرزندان
  • How the Shaykh excused himself for not weeping on the death of his sons.
  • شیخ گفت او را مپندار ای رفیق ** که ندارم رحم و مهر و دل شفیق
  • The Shaykh said to her (his wife), “Do not think, O gracious one, that I have not pity and affection and a compassionate heart.
  • بر همه کفار ما را رحمتست ** گرچه جان جمله کافر نعمتست 1800
  • I have pity for all the unbelievers, though the souls of them all are ungrateful.
  • بر سگانم رحمت و بخشایش است ** که چرا از سنگهاشان مالش است
  • I have pity and forgiveness for dogs, saying (to myself), ‘Why do they suffer chastisement from the stones (which are cast at them)?’