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  • حسن ظنی بر دل ایشان گشود ** که نپوشند از عمی جامه‌ی کبود
  • He (God) hath revealed to their hearts such a good opinion (of Him) that they do not put on the blue garb (of mourning) on account of any sorrow.
  • سال کردن بهلول آن درویش را
  • How Buhlúl questioned a certain dervish.
  • گفت بهلول آن یکی درویش را ** چونی ای درویش واقف کن مرا
  • Buhlúl said to a certain dervish, “How art thou, O dervish? Inform me.”
  • گفت چون باشد کسی که جاودان ** بر مراد او رود کار جهان 1885
  • He said, “How should that one be, according to whose desire the work of the world goes on?—
  • سیل و جوها بر مراد او روند ** اختران زان سان که خواهد آن شوند
  • According to whose desire the torrents and rivers flow, and the stars move in such wise as he wills;
  • زندگی و مرگ سرهنگان او ** بر مراد او روانه کو بکو
  • And Life and Death are his officers, going to and fro according to his desire.
  • هر کجا خواهد فرستد تعزیت ** هر کجا خواهد ببخشد تهنیت
  • He sends (what entails) condolence wheresoever he will; he bestows (what entails) felicitation wheresoever he will.
  • سالکان راه هم بر گام او ** ماندگان از راه هم در دام او
  • The travellers on the Way (go) according to his pleasure; they that have lost the Way (are fallen) in his snare.
  • هیچ دندانی نخندد در جهان ** بی رضا و امر آن فرمان‌روان 1890
  • No tooth flashes with laughter in the world without the approval and command of that imperial personage.”
  • گفت ای شه راست گفتی همچنین ** در فر و سیمای تو پیداست این
  • He (Buhlúl) said, “O King, thou hast spoken truly: ’tis even so: this is manifest in thy (spiritual) radiance and (glorious) aspect.
  • این و صد چندینی ای صادق ولیک ** شرح کن این را بیان کن نیک نیک
  • Thou art this and a hundred times as much, O veracious one; but expound this (mystery) and explain it very well,