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  • هر طروقی این فروقی کی شناخت ** جز دقوقی تا درین دولت بتاخت
  • When did any night-traveller understand this distinction except Daqúqí? (He understood it), so that he sped into this (spiritual) empire.
  • قصه‌ی دقوقی رحمة الله علیه و کراماتش
  • The story of Daqúqí and his miraculous gifts.
  • آن دقوقی داشت خوش دیباجه‌ای ** عاشق و صاحب کرامت خواجه‌ای
  • That Daqúqí had a fair front; he was a (spiritual) lord who loved (God) and possessed miraculous gifts.
  • در زمین می‌شد چو مه بر آسمان ** شب‌روان راگشته زو روشن روان 1925
  • He walked on earth as the moon in heaven: by him the spirits of the night-travellers became illumined.
  • در مقامی مسکنی کم ساختی ** کم دو روز اندر دهی انداختی
  • He would not make his abode in any one place, he would not spend two days in a village.
  • گفت در یک خانه گر باشم دو روز ** عشق آن مسکن کند در من فروز
  • He said, “If I stay two days in one house, love of that dwelling-place is kindled in me.
  • غرة المسکن احاذره انا ** انقلی یا نفس سیری للغنا
  • I am afraid of being beguiled by the dwelling-place: migrate, O my soul, and travel to independence.
  • لا اعود خلق قلبی بالمکان ** کی یکون خالصا فی الامتحان
  • I will not accustom my heart's nature to locality, (and I do this) in order that it may be pure in the (hour of) trial.”
  • روز اندر سیر بد شب در نماز ** چشم اندر شاه باز او همچو باز 1930
  • During the day he was (engaged) in travel, during the night in ritual prayer: his eye (was) open on the King, and he (himself was) like the falcon.
  • منقطع از خلق نه از بد خوی ** منفرد از مرد و زن نه از دوی
  • (He was) severed from the creatures (of God), (but) not on account of ill nature; isolated from man and woman, (but) not because of dualism.
  • مشفقی خلق و نافع همچو آب ** خوش شفعیی و دعااش مستجاب
  • A compassionate man to the creatures and beneficial (to them) as water; a goodly intercessor, and his prayers were answered.