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  • چشم‌بندی بد عجب بر دیده‌ها ** بندشان می‌کرد یهدی من یشا 1990
  • Wonderful! There was a bandage over their eyes: they were bound by (the Divine destiny implied in the text) He guideth aright those whom He will.
  • شدن آن هفت شمع بر مثال یک شمع
  • How the seven candles became what seemed like one candle.
  • باز می‌دیدم که می‌شد هفت یک ** می‌شکافد نور او جیب فلک
  • Then I saw the seven (candles) become one, its light cleaving the bosom (rim) of the sky.
  • باز آن یک بار دیگر هفت شد ** مستی و حیرانی من زفت شد
  • Then again that one became seven once more: my intoxication and bewilderment waxed mighty.
  • اتصالاتی میان شمعها ** که نیاید بر زبان و گفت ما
  • (There were) such connexions between the candles as may not come (may not be uttered) on my tongue and (in) my speech.
  • آنک یک دیدن کند ادارک آن ** سالها نتوان نمودن از زبان
  • That which one look perceives, ’tis impossible during years to show it forth by the tongue.
  • آنک یک دم بیندش ادراک هوش ** سالها نتوان شنودن آن بگوش 1995
  • That which intellectual apprehension sees in one moment, ’tis impossible during years to hear it by the ear.
  • چونک پایانی ندارد رو الیک ** زانک لا احصی ثناء ما علیک
  • Since it hath no end, go (back) to thyself, for (as the Prophet aid), ‘I cannot reckon (worthy) any praise of Thee.’
  • پیشتر رفتم دوان کان شمعها ** تا چه چیزست از نشان کبریا
  • I advanced farther, running (and marvelling) what thing those candles are (which are one) of the signs of the Divine Majesty.
  • می‌شدم بی خویش و مدهوش و خراب ** تا بیفتادم ز تعجیل و شتاب
  • (Thus) I was going, beside myself and dumbfounded and deranged, till I fell down from making haste and speed.
  • ساعتی بی‌هوش و بی‌عقل اندرین ** اوفتادم بر سر خاک زمین
  • In this (state), senseless and witless, I lay fallen awhile upon the dust of the earth.