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  • وام‌دار شرح این نکته شدم ** مهلتم ده معسرم زان تن زدم
  • I have become a debtor for (I owe) the explanation of this topic. Give me time, I am destitute; on that account I keep silence.
  • اقتدا کردن قوم از پس دقوقی
  • How the company followed the leadership of Daqúqí.
  • پیش در شد آن دقوقی در نماز ** قوم همچون اطلس آمد او طراز 2140
  • Daqúqí advanced to perform the prayer: the company were (as) the satin robe and he (as) the embroidered border.
  • اقتدا کردند آن شاهان قطار ** در پی آن مقتدای نامدار
  • Those (spiritual) kings followed his leadership, (standing) in a row behind that renowned exemplar.
  • چونک با تکبیرها مقرون شدند ** همچو قربان از جهان بیرون شدند
  • When they pronounced the takbírs, they went forth from this world, like a sacrifice.
  • معنی تکبیر اینست ای امام ** کای خدا پیش تو ما قربان شدیم
  • O Imám, the (real) meaning of the takbír is this: “We have become a sacrifice, O God, before Thee.”
  • وقت ذبح الله اکبر می‌کنی ** همچنین در ذبح نفس کشتنی
  • At the moment of slaughtering (the victim) you say Alláh akbar: even so (do) in slaughtering the fleshly soul which ought to be killed.
  • تن چو اسمعیل و جان همچون خلیل ** کرد جان تکبیر بر جسم نبیل 2145
  • The body is like Ismá‘íl (Ishmael), and the spirit like Abraham: the spirit has pronounced the takbír over the noble body.
  • گشت کشته تن ز شهوتها و آز ** شد به بسم الله بسمل در نماز
  • By lusts and desires the body was (merely) killed, (but) by (the words) bismilláh (uttered) in the ritual prayer it was sacrificed.
  • چون قیامت پیش حق صفها زده ** در حساب و در مناجات آمده
  • Whilst performing the prayer (they were) drawn up in ranks before God, as at the Resurrection, and engaged in self-examination and orisons,
  • ایستاده پیش یزدان اشک‌ریز ** بر مثال راست‌خیز رستخیز
  • Standing in God's presence and shedding tears, like one who rises erect on (the Day of) rising from the dead.