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  • چشم و هوش و گوش و گوهرهای عرش ** خرج کردی چه خریدی تو ز فرش
  • Thou hast expended eyes and ears and intellect and the pure celestial substances: what hast thou purchased from the earth?
  • دست و پا دادمت چون بیل و کلند ** من ببخشیدم ز خود آن کی شدند
  • I gave thee hands and feet as spade and mattock (for tilling the soil of good works). When did those become (existent) of themselves?”
  • همچنین پیغامهای دردگین ** صد هزاران آید از حضرت چنین
  • Even so hundreds of thousands of such sorrowful messages come from the Lord.
  • در قیام این کفتها دارد رجوع ** وز خجالت شد دوتا او در رکوع 2155
  • At the time of standing (in prayer) these words return (from God to the worshipper), and from shame he is bent double in the genuflexion.
  • قوت استادن از خجلت نماند ** در رکوع از شرم تسبیحی بخواند
  • From shame the power of standing remains not, and from abashment he recites a litany of glorification while his knees are bowed.
  • باز فرمان می‌رسد بردار سر ** از رکوع و پاسخ حق بر شمر
  • Then comes the (Divine) command, “Lift up thy head from the genuflexion and tell over (what thou hast to say in) answer to God.”
  • سر بر آرد از رکوع آن شرمسار ** باز اندر رو فتد آن خام‌کار
  • The shamefaced one lifts up his head from the genuflexion; then that man whose works are unripe (imperfect) falls on his face.
  • باز فرمان آیدش بردار سر ** از سجود و وا ده از کرده خبر
  • Again the (Divine) command comes to him, “Lift up thy head from the prostration and give an account of thy deeds.”
  • سر بر آرد او دگر ره شرمسار ** اندر افتد باز در رو همچو مار 2160
  • Once more the shamefaced one lifts up his head, and falls again on his face, (flat) as a snake.
  • باز گوید سر بر آر و باز گو ** که بخواهم جست از تو مو بمو
  • Again He says, “Lift up thy head and relate (thy deeds), for I will inquire of thee (concerning them), hair by hair.”