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  • حق همی‌گوید نظرمان در دلست ** نیست بر صورت که آن آب و گلست
  • God saith, “Our regard is (bestowed) on the heart; it is not (bestowed) on the external form, which is (only) water and earth.”
  • تو همی‌گویی مرا دل نیز هست ** دل فراز عرش باشد نه به پست 2245
  • You say, “I too have a heart”; (but) the heart is above the empyrean, it is not below.
  • در گل تیره یقین هم آب هست ** لیک زان آبت نشاید آب‌دست
  • Certainly in the dark earth also there is water, but ’tis not proper for you to wash your hands with that water,
  • زانک گر آبست مغلوب گلست ** پس دل خود را مگو کین هم دلست
  • Because, though it is water, it is overcome by the earth. Do not, then, say of your heart, “This too is a heart.”
  • آن دلی کز آسمانها برترست ** آن دل ابدال یا پیغامبرست
  • The heart that is higher than the heavens is the heart of the saint or the prophet.
  • پاک گشته آن ز گل صافی شده ** در فزونی آمده وافی شده
  • That (heart) has become cleansed of earth and purified; it has come to (full) growth and has been made complete.
  • ترک گل کرده سوی بحر آمده ** رسته از زندان گل بحری شده 2250
  • It has taken leave of earth and has come to the Sea; it has escaped from the prison of earth and has become of the Sea.
  • آب ما محبوس گل ماندست هین ** بحر رحمت جذب کن ما را ز طین
  • (But) our water has remained imprisoned in earth. Hark, O Sea of Mercy, draw us out of the clay!
  • بحر گوید من ترا در خود کشم ** لیک می‌لافی که من آب خوشم
  • The Sea says, “I draw thee into myself, but thou art vainly pretending to be the sweet water.
  • لاف تو محروم می‌دارد ترا ** ترک آن پنداشت کن در من درآ
  • Thy vain pretence is keeping thee deprived of fortune: abandon that (idle) fancy and enter into me.”