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  • پیر عقل آمد نه آن موی سپید ** مو نمی‌گنجد درین بخت و امید 2280
  • The Elder (Pír) is Reason, not that white hair (of eld): hair is not contained in (has nothing to do with) this fortune and hope (which is bestowed by Reason).
  • انکار کردن آن جماعت بر دعا و شفاعت دقوقی و پریدن ایشان و ناپیدا شدن در پرده‌ی غیب و حیران شدن دقوقی کی در هوا رفتند یا در زمین
  • How the company (of the Seven) took offence at Daqúqí's invocation and intercession, and flew away and disappeared in the Veil of the Unseen World; and how Daqúqí was bewildered (and did not know) whether they had gone into the air or on the earth.
  • چون رهید آن کشتی و آمد بکام ** شد نماز آن جماعت هم تمام
  • “When the ship was saved and (the voyagers) attained to their desire, simultaneously the (ritual) prayer of that company was finished.
  • فجفجی افتادشان با همدگر ** کین فضولی کیست از ما ای پدر
  • They began to murmur to one another, saying, ‘O father, which of us is this (interfering) busybody?’
  • هر یکی با آن دگر گفتند سر ** از پس پشت دقوقی مستتر
  • Each one spoke in secret to the other, (whilst they were) concealed (from view) behind Daqúqí's back,
  • گفت هر یک من نکردستم کنون ** این دعا نه از برون نه از درون
  • And each one said, ‘I did not make this invocation just now, either externally or internally.’
  • گفت مانا این امام ما ز درد ** بوالفضولانه مناجاتی بکرد 2285
  • He (one of the company) said, ‘It would seem that this Imám of ours, (moved) by grief, has meddlesomely offered an orison.’
  • گفت آن دیگر که ای یار یقین ** مر مرا هم می‌نماید این چنین
  • Said the other, ‘O thou who art familiar with (intuitive) certainty, so it appears to me too.
  • او فضولی بوده است از انقباض ** کرد بر مختار مطلق اعتراض
  • He has been meddlesome: (prompted) by distress he has interfered with Him who chooseth (as He pleaseth), the Absolute One.’
  • چون نگه کردم سپس تا بنگرم ** که چه می‌گویند آن اهل کرم
  • When I looked behind (me) to see what those noble ones were saying,
  • یک ازیشان را ندیدم در مقام ** رفته بودند از مقام خود تمام
  • I did not see one of them in their place: they had all gone from their place.