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  • هر جفا که بعد از آنش می‌رسید ** او بدان قوت بشادی می‌کشید
  • Bu means of that strength he cheerfully endured every affliction that came to him afterwards-
  • همچنانک ذوق آن بانگ الست ** در دل هر ممنی تا حشر هست
  • Even as the delicious savour of the cryAm not I (your Lord)? Subsists in the heart of every true believer till the Resurrection,
  • تا نباشد در بلاشان اعتراض ** نه ز امر و نهی حقشان انقباض 2345
  • So that they do not rebel in tribulation or shrink from (obeying) the commands and prohibitions of God.
  • لقمه‌ی حکمی که تلخی می‌نهد ** گلشکر آن را گوارش می‌دهد
  • The rose-conserve (of spiritual delight) digests the morsel, that is, the (Divine) decree, which bestows bitterness;
  • گلشکر آن را که نبود مستند ** لقمه را ز انکار او قی می‌کند
  • (But) he that does not rely upon the rose-conserve vomits the morsel in disgust.
  • هر که خوابی دید از روز الست ** مست باشد در ره طاعات مست
  • Any one who has dreamed of the Day of Alast is drunken in the path of devotional works, drunken:
  • می‌کشد چون اشتر مست این جوال ** بی فتور و بی گمان و بی ملال
  • Like a drunken (frenzied) camel, he is bearing this (heavy) sack without flagging and without questioning and without fatigue;
  • کفک تصدیقش بگرد پوز او ** شد گواه مستی و دلسوز او 2350
  • The froth round his muzzle, namely, his confession of faith, has become a witness to his (inward) intoxication and heart-burning.
  • اشتر از قوت چو شیر نر شده ** زیر ثقل بار اندک‌خور شده
  • Through the strength (bestowed on him) the camel becomes like a fierce lion; beneath the heavy burden he eats little (food).
  • ز آرزوی ناقه صد فاقه برو ** می‌نماید کوه پیشش تار مو
  • In (his) longing for the she-camel a hundred starvations (lie lightly) on him; the mountain seems to him (as) a strand of hair.