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  • حقشان است و کی داند راز غیب ** غیر علام سر و ستار عیب
  • They have the right (to do so), for who knows the mystery of the Unseen save the Knower of secrets and the Coverer of faults?”
  • خصم گفتش رو به من کن حق بگو ** رو چه سوی آسمان کردی عمو
  • His adversary said to him, “Turn your face to me! Tell the truth! Why have you turned your face towards Heaven, uncle?
  • شید می‌آری غلط می‌افکنی ** لاف عشق و لاف قربت می‌زنی 2370
  • You are employing fraud, you are casting error (suggesting falsehood) : you are prating of love and nearness (to God).
  • با کدامین روی چون دل‌مرده‌ای ** روی سوی آسمانها کرده‌ای
  • Inasmuch as you are spiritually dead, with what face have you turned your face towards the heavens?”
  • غلغلی در شهر افتاده ازین ** آن مسلمان می‌نهد رو بر زمین
  • On this account an uproar arose in the city, (while) that Moslem laid his face (flat) on the ground.
  • کای خدا این بنده را رسوا مکن ** گر بدم هم سر من پیدا مکن
  • Crying, “O God, do not put this servant (of Thine) to shame: if I am wicked, yet do not divulge my secret.
  • تو همی‌دانی و شبهای دراز ** که همی‌خواندم ترا با صد نیاز
  • Thou knowest (the truth), and the long nights (know it) during which I was calling unto Thee with a hundred supplications.
  • پیش خلق این را اگر خود قدر نیست ** پیش تو همچون چراغ روشنیست 2375
  • Albeit this (supplication) has no worth in the sight of the people, in Thy sight it is like a shining lamp.”
  • شنیدن داود علیه السلام سخن هر دو خصم وسال کردن از مدعی علیه
  • How David, on whom be peace, heard what both the litigants had to say, and interrogated the defendant.
  • چونک داود نبی آمد برون ** گفت هین چونست این احوال چون
  • When the prophet David came forth, he asked, "What is all this about? What is the matter?"
  • مدعی گفت ای نبی الله داد ** گاو من در خانه او در فتاد
  • The plaintiff said, “O prophet of God, (give me) justice! My cow strayed into his house.