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  • پیش خلق این را اگر خود قدر نیست ** پیش تو همچون چراغ روشنیست 2375
  • Albeit this (supplication) has no worth in the sight of the people, in Thy sight it is like a shining lamp.”
  • شنیدن داود علیه السلام سخن هر دو خصم وسال کردن از مدعی علیه
  • How David, on whom be peace, heard what both the litigants had to say, and interrogated the defendant.
  • چونک داود نبی آمد برون ** گفت هین چونست این احوال چون
  • When the prophet David came forth, he asked, "What is all this about? What is the matter?"
  • مدعی گفت ای نبی الله داد ** گاو من در خانه او در فتاد
  • The plaintiff said, “O prophet of God, (give me) justice! My cow strayed into his house.
  • کشت گاوم را بپرسش که چرا ** گاو من کشت او بیان کن ماجرا
  • He killed my cow. Ask him why he killed my cow, and (bid him) explain what happened.”
  • گفت داودش بگو ای بوالکرم ** چون تلف کردی تو ملک محترم
  • David said to him (the poor man), “Speak, O noble one! How did you destroy the property of this honourable person?
  • هین پراکنده مگو حجت بیار ** تا به یک سو گردد این دعوی و کار 2380
  • Take care! Do not talk incoherently, (but) bring forward (your) plea, in order that this claim and cause may be (settled and) laid aside.”
  • گفت ای داود بودم هفت سال ** روز و شب اندر دعا و در سال
  • He said, “O David, for seven years I was (engaged) day and night in invocation and entreaty.
  • این همی‌جستم ز یزدان کای خدا ** روزیی خواهم حلال و بی عنا
  • This (is what) I was seeking from God: ‘O God, (I said), I want a means of livelihood (that will be) lawful and without trouble (on my part).’
  • مرد و زن بر ناله من واقف‌اند ** کودکان این ماجرا را واصف‌اند
  • (Both) men and women are acquainted with my lamentation; the children (can) describe this happening.
  • تو بپرس از هر که خواهی این خبر ** تا بگوید بی شکنجه بی ضرر
  • Ask whomsoever thou wilt for information about this, so that he may tell (thee) without torture and without (suffering) harm.