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  • مرد و زن بر ناله من واقف‌اند ** کودکان این ماجرا را واصف‌اند
  • (Both) men and women are acquainted with my lamentation; the children (can) describe this happening.
  • تو بپرس از هر که خواهی این خبر ** تا بگوید بی شکنجه بی ضرر
  • Ask whomsoever thou wilt for information about this, so that he may tell (thee) without torture and without (suffering) harm.
  • هم هویدا پرس و هم پنهان ز خلق ** که چه می‌گفت این گدای ژنده‌دلق 2385
  • Inquire of the people both and secretly what this beggar with the tattered cloak used to say.
  • بعد این جمله دعا و این فغان ** گاوی اندر خانه دیدم ناگهان
  • After all this invocation and outcry, suddenly I saw a cow in my house.
  • چشم من تاریک شد نه بهر لوت ** شادی آن که قبول آمد قنوت
  • My eye became dim, not on account of the food, (but) for joy that the supplication had been accepted.
  • کشتم آن را تا دهم در شکر آن ** که دعای من شنود آن غیب‌دان
  • I killed her that I might give (alms) in thankfulness that He who knoweth things unseen had hearkened to my prayer.”
  • حکم کردن داود علیه السلام برکشنده‌ی گاو
  • How David, on whom be peace, gave judgement against the slayer of the cow.
  • گفت داود این سخنها را بشو ** حجت شرعی درین دعوی بگو
  • David said, “Wipe out these words and declare (set forth) a legal plea in this dispute.
  • تو روا داری که من بی حجتی ** بنهم اندر شهر باطل سنتی 2390
  • Do you deem it allowable that, without any (such) plea, I should establish a wring ordinance in the city?
  • این کی بخشیدت خریدی وارثی ** ریع را چون می‌ستانی حارثی
  • Who gave you this (cow)? Did you buy or inherit her? How will you take the crop? Are you the farmer?
  • کسب را همچون زراعت دان عمو ** تا نکاری دخل نبود آن تو
  • Know, uncle, that the acquisition (of property) is like agriculture: unless you sow (the land), the produce does not belong to you;