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  • کشتم آن را تا دهم در شکر آن ** که دعای من شنود آن غیب‌دان
  • I killed her that I might give (alms) in thankfulness that He who knoweth things unseen had hearkened to my prayer.”
  • حکم کردن داود علیه السلام برکشنده‌ی گاو
  • How David, on whom be peace, gave judgement against the slayer of the cow.
  • گفت داود این سخنها را بشو ** حجت شرعی درین دعوی بگو
  • David said, “Wipe out these words and declare (set forth) a legal plea in this dispute.
  • تو روا داری که من بی حجتی ** بنهم اندر شهر باطل سنتی 2390
  • Do you deem it allowable that, without any (such) plea, I should establish a wring ordinance in the city?
  • این کی بخشیدت خریدی وارثی ** ریع را چون می‌ستانی حارثی
  • Who gave you this (cow)? Did you buy or inherit her? How will you take the crop? Are you the farmer?
  • کسب را همچون زراعت دان عمو ** تا نکاری دخل نبود آن تو
  • Know, uncle, that the acquisition (of property) is like agriculture: unless you sow (the land), the produce does not belong to you;
  • آنچ کاری بدروی آن آن تست ** ورنه این بی‌داد بر تو شد درست
  • For you reap what you sow: that is yours. Otherwise, this act of injustice is proved against you.
  • رو بده مال مسلمان کژ مگو ** رو بجو وام و بده باطل مجو
  • Go, pay the Moslem’s money, and don’t speak falsely. Go, try to borrow (the money), and pay (it to him), and don’t seek (to do) wrong.”
  • گفت ای شه تو همین می‌گوییم ** که همی‌گویند اصحاب ستم 2395
  • “O King,” he replied, “thou art saying to me the same thing as the oppressors say.”
  • تضرع آن شخص از داوری داود علیه السلام
  • How that person earnestly appealed (to God) against the judgement of David, on whom be peace.
  • سجده کرد و گفت کای دانای سوز ** در دل داود انداز آن فروز
  • He prostrated himself and said, “O Thou who knowest (my inward) ardour, cast that flame into the heart of David!
  • در دلش نه آنچ تو اندر دلم ** اندر افکندی براز ای مفضلم
  • Put in his heart that which Thou hast secretly let fall into mine, O my Benefactor!”