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  • گفت ای شه تو همین می‌گوییم ** که همی‌گویند اصحاب ستم 2395
  • “O King,” he replied, “thou art saying to me the same thing as the oppressors say.”
  • تضرع آن شخص از داوری داود علیه السلام
  • How that person earnestly appealed (to God) against the judgement of David, on whom be peace.
  • سجده کرد و گفت کای دانای سوز ** در دل داود انداز آن فروز
  • He prostrated himself and said, “O Thou who knowest (my inward) ardour, cast that flame into the heart of David!
  • در دلش نه آنچ تو اندر دلم ** اندر افکندی براز ای مفضلم
  • Put in his heart that which Thou hast secretly let fall into mine, O my Benefactor!”
  • این بگفت و گریه در شد های های ** تا دل داود بیرون شد ز جای
  • He said this and began to weep with loud cries of lamentation, so that David’s heart was moved exceedingly’.
  • گفت هین امروز ای خواهان گاو ** مهلتم ده وین دعاوی را مکاو
  • “Hark,” said he, “O demander of (redress on account of) the cow, give me a respite to-day and do not search into these matters of dispute,
  • تا روم من سوی خلوت در نماز ** پرسم این احوال از دانای راز 2400
  • So that I may go to a solitary place and ask the Knower of mysteries about these matters, (whilst I am engaged) in prayer.
  • خوی دارم در نماز این التفات ** معنی قرة عینی فی الصلوة
  • During prayer I am accustomed to turn thus (to God): (that is) the meaning of (the words of the Tradition), ‘the delight I feel in the ritual prayer
  • روزن جانم گشادست از صفا ** می‌رسد بی واسطه نامه‌ی خدا
  • The window of my soul is opened, and from the purity (of the Unseen World) the Book of God comes (to me) without intermediary.
  • نامه و باران و نور از روزنم ** می‌فتد در خانه‌ام از معدنم
  • The Book and the rain (of Divine grace) and the Light are falling through my window into my house from my (real and original) source.’’
  • دوزخست آن خانه کان بی روزنست ** اصل دین ای بنده روزن کردنست
  • The house that is without a window is Hell: to make a window, O servant (of God),is the foundation of the (true) Religion.