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  • کارد از اشتاب کردی زیر خاک ** از خیالی که بدیدی سهمناک 2480
  • In your haste you hid the knife under the soil, because of the terrible apparition which you beheld.
  • نک سرش با کارد در زیر زمین ** باز کاوید این زمین را همچنین
  • Lo, his head together with the knife is under the soil! Dig ye back the soil, thus!
  • نام این سگ هم نبشته کارد بر ** کرد با خواجه چنین مکر و ضرر
  • On the knife, too, the name of this dog is written, (who) dealt with his master so deceitfully and injuriously.”
  • همچنان کردند چون بشکافتند ** در زمین آن کارد و سر را یافتند
  • They did even so (as he ordered), and when they cleft (the earth) they found in the soil the knife and the head.
  • ولوله در خلق افتاد آن زمان ** هر یکی زنار ببرید از میان
  • Thereupon tumultuous lamentation arose amongst the people:every one severed the girdle (of unbelief) from his waist.
  • بعد از آن گفتش بیا ای دادخواه ** داد خود بستان بدان روی سیاه 2485
  • Alter that, he (David) said to him (the murderer), “Come,O demander of justice, (and) with that black face (of yours) receive the justice due to you!’
  • قصاص فرمودن داود علیه السلام خونی را بعد از الزام حجت برو
  • How David, on whom be peace, ordered that retaliation should be taken on the murderer after his conviction.
  • هم بدان تیغش بفرمود او قصاص ** کی کند مکرش ز علم حق خلاص
  • He ordered retaliation (by killing him) with that same knife: how should contrivance deliver him from the knowledge of God?
  • حلم حق گرچه مواساها کند ** لیک چون از حد بشد پیدا کند
  • Although God’s clemency bestows (many) kindnesses, yet when he (the sinner) has gone beyond bounds, He exposes (him).
  • خون نخسپد درفتد در هر دلی ** میل جست و جوی و کشف مشکلی
  • Blood sleepeth not: the desire to investigate and lay bare (discover the solution of) a difficulty falls into every heart.
  • اقتضای داوری رب دین ** سر بر آرد از ضمیر آن و این
  • The craving prompted by the ordainment of the Lord of the Judgement springs up in the conscience of all and sundry