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  • مرغ بابیلی دو سه سنگ افکند ** لشکر زفت حبش را بشکند
  • A swift drops two or three pebbles and shatters the mighty host of Abyssinia:
  • پیل را سوراخ سوراخ افکند ** سنگ مرغی کو به بالا پر زند
  • The pebble of a bird that flies aloft lays low the elephant, riddled with holes (wounds).
  • دم گاو کشته بر مقتول زن ** تا شود زنده همان دم در کفن
  • (God said), “Inflict (a blow with) the tail of the killed cow upon the murdered man, in order that at the same moment he may come to life (again) in the winding-sheet,
  • حلق‌ببریده جهد از جای خویش ** خون خود جوید ز خون‌پالای خویش
  • (And that) he whose throat was cut may spring up from his place and seek (vengeance for) his blood from the shedder of his blood
  • همچنین ز آغاز قرآن تا تمام ** رفض اسبابست و علت والسلام 2525
  • In like manner, from the beginning of the Qur’án to the end, ‘tis (wholly concerned with) the abandonment of (secondary) causes and means. And (now) farewell (to this subject).
  • کشف این نه از عقل کارافزا شود ** بندگی کن تا ترا پیداشود
  • The explanation (of the mystery) thereof is not (given) by the meddlesome intellect: do service (to God), in order that it may become clear to you.
  • بند معقولات آمد فلسفی ** شهسوار عقل عقل آمد صفی
  • The philosopher is in bondage to things perceived by the intellect; (but) the ‘pure (saint) is he that rides as a prince on the Intellect of intellect
  • عقل عقلت مغز و عقل تست پوست ** معده‌ی حیوان همیشه پوست‌جوست
  • The Intellect of intellect is your kernel, (while) your intellect is (only) the husk: the belly of animals is ever seeking husks.
  • مغزجوی از پوست دارد صد ملال ** مغز نغزان را حلال آمد حلال
  • He that seeks the kernel has a hundred loathings for the husk: to the goodly (saints) the kernel (alone) is lawful, lawful.
  • چونک قشر عقل صد برهان دهد ** عقل کل کی گام بی ایقان نهد 2530
  • When the intellect, (which is) the husk, offers a hundred evidences, how should the Universal Intellect take a step with out having (intuitive) certainty?