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  • گر بدی جان زنده بی پرتو کنون ** هیچ گفتی کافران را میتون
  • If the soul were now alive without (that) radiance, would He (God) ever have called the infidels “dead”
  • هین بگو که ناطقه جو می‌کند ** تا به قرنی بعد ما آبی رسد
  • Come, speak (O my soul)! for the Logos is digging a channel to the end that some water may reach a generation after us.
  • گرچه هر قرنی سخن‌آری بود ** لیک گفت سالفان یاری بود
  • Although (in) every generation there is one who brings the word (of God), yet the sayings of them that have gone before are helpful
  • نه که هم توریت و انجیل و زبور ** شد گواه صدق قرآن ای شکور
  • Is it not (the case) that the Pentateuch and the Gospel and the Psalms have borne witness to the truth of theQur’an, O thankful one?
  • روزی بی‌رنج جو و بی‌حساب ** کز بهشتت آورد جبریل سیب 2540
  • Seek a (spiritual) livelihood (won) without toil and without reckoning, so that Gabriel may bring you apples from Paradise;
  • بلک رزقی از خداوند بهشت ** بی‌صداع باغبان بی رنج کشت
  • Nay, (that there may come to you) a livelihood from the Lord of Paradise, without headache (trouble) on the part of the gardener and without the toil of sowing.
  • زانک نفع نان در آن نان داد اوست ** بدهدت آن نفع بی توسیط پوست
  • Inasmuch as in that (spiritual) bread the benefit of (conferred by) the bread is His (God’s) gift, He gives you that benefit (directly), without making the husk a means (of imparting it to you).
  • ذوق پنهان نقش نان چون سفره‌ایست ** نان بی سفره ولی را بهره‌ایست
  • The savour is hidden; the outward form of the bread is (visible) like a table-cloth: the bread that is without table-cloth is a portion (reserved) for the saint.
  • رزق جانی کی بری با سعی و جست ** جز به عدل شیخ کو داود تست
  • How will you, notwithstanding (all your) endeavour and search, gain the spiritual livelihood except through ‘the justice of the Shaykh who is your David?
  • نفس چون با شیخ بیند کام تو ** از بن دندان شود او رام تو 2545
  • ‘When the fleshly soul sees your steps (joined) with (those of) the Shaykh, willy-nilly it becomes submissive to you.