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  • بس عظیم و بس فراخ و بس دراز ** سخت زفت زفت اندازه‌ی پیاز 2605
  • (It was) very huge and very broad and very long, ever so big, as big as an onion.
  • مردم ده شهر مجموع اندرو ** لیک جمله سه تن ناشسته‌رو
  • The people of ten cities were assembled within it, but the whole (amounted to) three fellows with unwashed (dirty) faces.
  • اندرو خلق و خلایق بی‌شمار ** لیک آن جمله سه خام پخته‌خوار
  • Within it there were numberless people and folk, but the whole of them (amounted to) three beggarly fools.
  • جان ناکرده به جانان تاختن ** گر هزارانست باشد نیم تن
  • The soul that has not made haste towards the Beloved— (even) if it is thousands, (yet) it is (only) half a body.
  • آن یکی بس دور بین و دیده‌کور ** از سلیمان کور و دیده پای مور
  • One (of the three) was very far-sighted and blind-eyed— blind to Solomon and seeing the leg of the ant;
  • و آن دگر بس تیزگوش و سخت کر ** گنج و در وی نیست یک جو سنگ زر 2610
  • And the second was very sharp of hearing and extremely deaf—a treasure in which there is not a barleycorn's weight of gold;
  • وآن دگر عور و برهنه لاشه‌باز ** لیک دامنهای جامه‌ی او دراز
  • And the other (the third) was naked and bare, pudendo patefacto, but the skirts of his raiment were long. [And the other (the third) was naked and bare, (the private parts of his) body exposed, but the skirts of his raiment were long.]
  • گفت کور اینک سپاهی می‌رسند ** من همی‌بینم که چه قومند و چند
  • The blind man said, “Look, an army is approaching: I see what people they are and how many.”
  • گفت کر آری شنودم بانگشان ** که چه می‌گویند پیدا و نهان
  • The deaf man said, “Yes; I heard their voices (and know) what they are saying openly and secretly.”
  • آن برهنه گفت ترسان زین منم ** که ببرند از درازی دامنم
  • The naked man said, “I am afraid they will cut off (something) from the length of my skirt.”