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  • از اصولینت اصول خویش به ** که بدانی اصل خود ای مرد مه
  • Thine own fundamentals are better for thee than the two fundamentals (of the Mohammedan Religion), so that thou mayst know thine own fundamental (essential nature), O great man.
  • صفت خرمی شهر اهل سبا و ناشکری ایشان
  • Description of the luxuriance of the city of the Sabaeans and their ingratitude.
  • اصلشان بد بود آن اهل سبا ** می‌رمیدندی ز اسباب لقا
  • Their fundamental (nature) was bad: those inhabitants of Sabá were recoiling from the means (which lead) to meeting (with God);
  • دادشان چندان ضیاع و باغ و راغ ** از چپ و از راست از بهر فراغ
  • (Yet) He gave them so many estates and orchards and meadowlands, on the left hand and the right, for (their) leisure (pastime and diversion).
  • بس که می‌افتاد از پری ثمار ** تنگ می‌شد معبر ره بر گذار
  • Inasmuch as the fruit was falling (to the ground) from abundance, there was no room for any one to pass on the road,
  • آن نثار میوه ره را می‌گرفت ** از پری میوه ره‌رو در شگفت 2660
  • (For) the scattered largesse of fruit would block the way: the wayfarer (would be) in amazement at the plenty of the fruit.
  • سله بر سر در درختستانشان ** پر شدی ناخواست از میوه‌فشان
  • In their groves, through the dropping of the fruit, a basket on the head would be filled involuntarily.
  • باد آن میوه فشاندی نه کسی ** پر شدی زان میوه دامنها بسی
  • The breeze would scatter the fruit, not (the hand of) any one: by that fruit a multitude of skirts would be filled.
  • خوشه‌های زفت تا زیر آمده ** بر سر و روی رونده می‌زده
  • Huge clusters, having come low down, would strike against the head and face of the wayfarer.
  • مرد گلخن‌تاب از پری زر ** بسته بودی در میان زرین کمر
  • On account of the plenty of gold a bath-stoker might have tied a golden belt on his waist.
  • سگ کلیچه کوفتی در زیر پا ** تخمه بودی گرگ صحرا از نوا 2665
  • The dogs would trample buns underfoot; the desert wolf would have indigestion from the (rich) food.