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  • هر که او بیگانه باشد با تو هم ** پیش تو او بس مه‌است و محترم
  • And every one, too, that (in reality) would be alien to thee is, in thy opinion, very grand and venerable.
  • این هم از تاثیر آن بیماریست ** زهر او در جمله جفتان ساریست
  • This (false opinion) also is from the effect produced by that sickness: its poison pervades all associated (with it).
  • دفع آن علت بباید کرد زود ** که شکر با آن حدث خواهد نمود
  • It behoves (thee) quickly to remove that malady, for with that (disease) sugar will seem filth;
  • هر خوشی کاید به تو ناخوش شود ** آب حیوان گر رسد آتش شود 2685
  • Every sweet thing that comes to thee grows unsweet: if the Water of Life arrive, it turns into fire.
  • کیمیای مرگ و جسکست آن صفت ** مرگ گردد زان حیاتت عاقبت
  • That (morbid) quality is the elixir of death and woe: thereby thy (spiritual) life is at last turned into death.
  • بس غدایی که ز وی دل زنده شد ** چون بیامد در تن تو گنده شد
  • There was many a food by which thy heart (spirit) was revived: when it entered thy body, it became stinking.
  • بس عزیزی که بناز اشکار شد ** چون شکارت شد بر تو خوار شد
  • There is many a dear one that was hunted (by thee) with blandishments: when he became thy prey, he became cheap in thine eyes.
  • آشنایی عقل با عقل از صفا ** چون شود هر دم فزون باشد ولا
  • When from sincerity the friendship of intellect with intellect arises, every moment the devotion is increased;
  • آشنایی نفس با هر نفس پست ** تو یقین می‌دان که دم دم کمترست 2690
  • (But) know for sure, the friendship of the carnal soul with any base carnal soul is momently diminished,
  • زانک نفسش گرد علت می‌تند ** معرفت را زود فاسد می‌کند
  • Because his carnal soul hovers round disease and soon corrupts the (friendly) acquaintance.