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  • این چه نسبت این چه پیوندی بود ** تاکه در عقل و دماغی در رود
  • What resemblance is this, and what connexion is this, that it should enter into any mind and brain?
  • حکایت خرگوشان کی خرگوشی راپیش پیل فرستادند کی بگو کی من رسول ماه آسمانم پیش تو کی ازین چشمه آب حذر کن چنانک در کتاب کلیله تمام گفته است
  • Story of the hares who sent a hare as ambassador to the elephant, bidding him say, ‘I come to thee as the ambassador of the Moon in heaven to bid thee beware of (drinking from) this water-spring,’ as is told in full in the Book of Kalíla (and Dimna).
  • این بدان ماند که خرگوشی بگفت ** من رسول ماهم و با ماه جفت
  • This (claim made by you) resembles the saying of a certain hare—‘I am the ambassador of the Moon and companion to the Moon.’
  • کز رمه‌ی پیلان بر آن چشمه‌ی زلال ** جمله نخجیران بدند اندر وبال
  • For all the beasts of chase were in woe on account of a herd of elephants (dwelling) beside that limpid spring;
  • جمله محروم و ز خوف از چشمه دور ** حیله‌ای کردند چون کم بود زور 2740
  • All were deprived (of water) and (were kept) far from the spring by dread: since (their) strength was inferior, they made a plot.
  • از سر که بانگ زد خرگوش زال ** سوی پیلان در شب غره‌ی هلال
  • From the mountain-top the old hare cried towards the elephants on the first night of the new-moon—
  • که بیا رابع عشر ای شاه‌پیل ** تا درون چشمه یابی این دلیل
  • ‘Come on the fourteenth, O king elephant, that thou mayst find within the spring the proof of this (assertion).
  • شاه‌پیلا من رسولم پیش بیست ** بر رسولان بند و زجر و خشم نیست
  • O king elephant, I am the ambassador in thy presence. Stop! Ambassadors are not subjected to imprisonment and violence and wrath.
  • ماه می‌گوید که ای پیلان روید ** چشمه آن ماست زین یکسو شوید
  • The Moon says, “O elephants, depart! The spring is mine, turn aside from it;
  • ورنه منتان کور گردانم ستم ** گفتم از گردن برون انداختم 2745
  • And if (ye depart) not, I will make you blind. I have declared the wrong (which ye are doing) and have thrown off my neck (all responsibility for what will happen if ye trespass farther).
  • ترک این چشمه بگویید و روید ** تا ز زخم تیغ مه آمن شوید
  • Take leave of this spring and depart, that ye may be safe from the blows of the Moon's sword.”