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  • که بیا رابع عشر ای شاه‌پیل ** تا درون چشمه یابی این دلیل
  • ‘Come on the fourteenth, O king elephant, that thou mayst find within the spring the proof of this (assertion).
  • شاه‌پیلا من رسولم پیش بیست ** بر رسولان بند و زجر و خشم نیست
  • O king elephant, I am the ambassador in thy presence. Stop! Ambassadors are not subjected to imprisonment and violence and wrath.
  • ماه می‌گوید که ای پیلان روید ** چشمه آن ماست زین یکسو شوید
  • The Moon says, “O elephants, depart! The spring is mine, turn aside from it;
  • ورنه منتان کور گردانم ستم ** گفتم از گردن برون انداختم 2745
  • And if (ye depart) not, I will make you blind. I have declared the wrong (which ye are doing) and have thrown off my neck (all responsibility for what will happen if ye trespass farther).
  • ترک این چشمه بگویید و روید ** تا ز زخم تیغ مه آمن شوید
  • Take leave of this spring and depart, that ye may be safe from the blows of the Moon's sword.”
  • نک نشان آنست کاندر چشمه ماه ** مضطرب گردد ز پیل آب‌خواه
  • Lo, the token (of my veracity) is that the Moon (reflected) in the spring will be disturbed by the water-craving elephant.
  • آن فلان شب حاضر آ ای شاه‌پیل ** تا درون چشمه یابی زین دلیل
  • Come and be present on the such-and-such a night, O king elephant, in order that within the spring thou mayst find the proof of this (assertion).’
  • چونک هفت و هشت از مه بگذرید ** شاه‌پیل آمد ز چشمه می‌چرید
  • When seven and eight (fifteen nights) of the month had passed, the king elephant came to drink from the spring.
  • چونک زد خرطوم پیل آن شب درآب ** مضطرب شد آب ومه کرد اضطراب 2750
  • When on that night the elephant put his trunk in the water, the water was disturbed, and the Moon showed disturbance.
  • پیل باور کرد از وی آن خطاب ** چون درون چشمه مه کرد اضطراب
  • The elephant believed that speech of his (the hare's), when the Moon in the spring showed disturbance.