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  • این مثالت را چو زاغ و بوم دان ** که ازیشان پست شد صد خاندان
  • Know that this comparison of thine is like crows and owls by which a hundred households are laid low.
  • مثلها زدن قوم نوح باستهزا در زمان کشتی ساختن
  • How the people of Noah uttered similitudes derisively at the time of his building the Ark
  • نوح اندر بادیه کشتی بساخت ** صد مثل‌گو از پی تسخیر بتاخت 2795
  • Noah built an Ark in the desert : a hundred speakers of parables ran up to ridicule (him).
  • در بیابانی که چاه آب نیست ** می‌کند کشتی چه نادان و ابلهیست
  • He is making a ship (Ark) in the desert where no well of water exists: what an ignorant fool he is!"
  • آن یکی می‌گفت ای کشتی بتاز ** و آن یکی می‌گفت پرش هم بساز
  • One was saying, "O ship, run!" while another said, "Make wings for it too ! "
  • او همی‌گفت این به فرمان خداست ** این بچربکها نخواهد گشت کاست
  • He (Noah) said, "This is by the command of God: this will not be defeated by jeers."
  • حکایت آن دزد کی پرسیدند چه می‌کنی نیم‌شب در بن این دیوار گفت دهل می‌زنم
  • Story of the thief who was asked, “What are you doing at the bottom of this wall at midnight?” and replied, “I am beating a drum.”
  • این مثل بشنو که شب دزدی عنید ** در بن دیوار حفره می‌برید
  • Hear this parable—how a wicked thief was cutting a hole at the bottom of a wall.
  • نیم‌بیداری که او رنجور بود ** طقطق آهسته‌اش را می‌شنود 2800
  • Some one half-awake, who was ill, heard the soft tapping of his (pick),
  • رفت بر بام و فرو آویخت سر ** گفت او را در چه کاری ای پدر
  • And went on the roof and hung his head down and said to him, “What are you about, O father?
  • خیر باشد نیمشب چه می‌کنی ** تو کیی گفتا دهل‌زن ای سنی
  • All is well, I hope. What are you doing (here) at midnight? Who are you?” He said, “A drummer, O honourable sir.”
  • در چه کاری گفت می‌کوبم دهل ** گفت کو بانگ دهل ای بوسبل
  • “What are you about?” He said, “I am beating the drum.” He (the sick man) said, “Where is the noise of the drum, O artful one?”