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  • چه مه و چه آفتاب و چه فلک ** چه عقول و چه نفوس و چه ملک
  • What is the moon and what is the sun and what is the sky? What are intelligences and souls and angels?
  • آفتاب آفتاب آفتاب ** این چه می‌گویم مگر هستم بخواب
  • “The Sun of the sun of the sun”: what is this I am saying (of God)? Surely I am asleep.
  • صد هزاران شهر را خشم شهان ** سرنگون کردست ای بد گم‌رهان
  • The wrath of the (spiritual) kings has overthrown hundreds of thousands of cities, O ye wicked who have lost the way.
  • کوه بر خود می‌شکافد صد شکاف ** آفتابی از کسوفش در شغاف 2815
  • At their beck the mountain splits on itself into a hundred fissures; a sun is (enveloped) in a veil (of darkness) through the eclipse (occultation) of him (the perfect saint).
  • خشم مردان خشک گرداند سحاب ** خشم دلها کرد عالمها خراب
  • The wrath of (holy) men makes the clouds dry; the wrath of (saintly) hearts has laid worlds waste.
  • بنگرید ای مردگان بی حنوط ** در سیاستگاه شهرستان لوط
  • Look, O ye unembalmed dead, upon the place where the city of Lot suffered punishment!
  • پیل خود چه بود که سه مرغ پران ** کوفتند آن پیلکان را استخوان
  • What is the elephant even? for three flying birds crushed the bones of those wretched elephants.
  • اضعف مرغان ابابیلست و او ** پیل را بدرید و نپذیرد رفو
  • The abábíl is the weakest of birds, and (yet) it rent the elephant irreparably.
  • کیست کو نشنید آن طوفان نوح ** یا مصاف لشکر فرعون و روح 2820
  • Who is there that has not heard of the Flood of Noah, or of the battle of Pharaoh's host with the Spirit?
  • روحشان بشکست و اندر آب ریخت ** ذره ذره آبشان بر می‌گسیخت
  • The Spirit routed them and cast them pell-mell into the water: the water was shattering them to atoms.