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  • هین گواهیهای شاهان بشنوید ** بگرویدند آسمانها بگروید 2840
  • Hark, listen to the testimonies of the (spiritual) kings; the heavens have believed (them): believe ye!
  • معنی حزم و مثال مرد حازم
  • The meaning of prudence, and a parable of the prudent man.
  • یا به حال اولینان بنگرید ** یا سوی آخر بحزمی در پرید
  • Either consider what happened to the former (peoples), or fly with a (great) prudence towards the latter end.
  • حزم چه بود در دو تدبیر احتیاط ** از دو آن گیری که دورست از خباط
  • What is prudence? Precaution in (the case of) two (alternative) plans: of the two you will take that one which is far from craziness.
  • آن یکی گوید درین ره هفت روز ** نیست آب و هست ریگ پای‌سوز
  • One person may say, “On this road there is no water for seven days, and there is foot-scorching sand.”
  • آن دگر گوید دروغست این بران ** که بهر شب چشمه‌ای بینی روان
  • Another may say, “This is false: push on, for you will find a running fountain every night.”
  • حزم آن باشد که بر گیری تو آب ** تا رهی از ترس و باشی بر صواب 2845
  • It is prudence that you take water (with you), so that you may be saved from dread and may be on the right (side).
  • گر بود در راه آب این را بریز ** ور نباشد وای بر مرد ستیز
  • If there be water (on the road), spill this (water which you have taken with you); and if there be none, alas for the obstinate man!
  • ای خلیفه‌زادگان دادی کنید ** حزم بهر روز میعادی کنید
  • O children of the Vicegerent (Adam), deal justly: act with prudence for the sake of the Day of Tryst (Judgement).
  • آن عدوی کز پدرتان کین کشید ** سوی زندانش ز علیین کشید
  • That enemy who took vengeance upon your father and dragged him from ‘Illiyyín to prison,
  • آن شه شطرنج دل را مات کرد ** از بهشتش سخره‌ی آفات کرد
  • And checkmated that king of the spiritual chessboard and made him, (cast out) from Paradise, a thrall to calamities—