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  • شکر کی روید ز املاک و نعم ** شکر می‌روید ز بلوی و سقم
  • How should thankfulness grow from possessions and riches? Thankfulness grows from tribulation and sickness.
  • قصه عشق صوفی بر سفره‌ی تهی
  • Story of the Súfí's being enamoured of the empty food-wallet.
  • صوفیی بر میخ روزی سفره دید ** چرخ می‌زد جامه‌ها را می‌درید
  • One day a Súfí espied a food-wallet (hanging) on a nail: he began to whirl and rend his garments,
  • بانگ می‌زد نک نوای بی‌نوا ** قحطها و دردها را نک دوا 3015
  • Crying, “Lo, the food of the foodless! Lo, the remedy for famines and pangs (of hunger)!”
  • چونک دود و شور او بسیار شد ** هر که صوفی بود با او یار شد
  • When his smoke and tumult (his ecstasy) waxed great, every one that was a Súfí joined him (imitated his behaviour).
  • کخ‌کخی و های و هویی می‌زدند ** تای چندی مست و بی‌خود می‌شدند
  • They were shouting and shrieking: several were becoming intoxicated and beside themselves.
  • بوالفضولی گفت صوفی را که چیست ** سفره‌ای آویخته وز نان تهیست
  • An idle busybody said to the Súfí, “What is the matter? (Only) a food-wallet hung (on a nail), and it is empty of bread!”
  • گفت رو رو نقش بی‌معنیستی ** تو بجو هستی که عاشق نیستی
  • He (the Súfí) said, “Begone, begone! Thou art a (mere) form without spirit: do thou seek existence (not non-existence), for thou art no lover.”
  • عشق نان بی نان غذای عاشق است ** بند هستی نیست هر کو صادقست 3020
  • The lover's food is love of the bread, without (the existence of) the bread: no one that is sincere (in his love) is in thrall to existence.
  • عاشقان را کار نبود با وجود ** عاشقان را هست بی سرمایه سود
  • Lovers have naught to do with existence: lovers have the interest without (having) the capital.
  • بال نه و گرد عالم می‌پرند ** دست نه و گو ز میدان می‌برند
  • They have no wings, and (yet) they fly round the world; they have no hands, and (yet) they carry off the ball from the polo-field.