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  • جوق جوقی مبتلا دیدی نزار ** شسته بر در در امید و انتظار
  • And would see troops of afflicted feeble folk seated at the door in hope and expectancy.
  • گفتی ای اصحاب آفت از خدا ** حاجت این جملگانتان شد روا
  • (Then) he would say, “O ye that are smitten, the wants of all you here present have been granted by God.
  • هین روان گردید بی رنج و عنا ** سوی غفاری و اکرام خدا
  • Hark, set off and go without pain or trouble towards the forgiveness and kindness of God.”
  • جملگان چون اشتران بسته‌پای ** که گشایی زانوی ایشان برای 305
  • All, like tethered camels whose knees you unbind with foresight,
  • خوش دوان و شادمانه سوی خان ** از دعای او شدندی پا دوان
  • At his prayer would begin to run on their feet, hastening gladly and joyously to their homes.
  • آزمودی تو بسی آفات خویش ** یافتی صحت ازین شاهان کیش
  • (So too) thou hast experienced many maladies in thyself, and hast gained health from these kings of religion (the saints).
  • چند آن لنگی تو رهوار شد ** چند جانت بی غم و آزار شد
  • How oft hath thy limping been turned into a smooth (easy) gait, how oft hath thy soul been made void of grief and pain!
  • ای مغفل رشته‌ای بر پای بند ** تا ز خود هم گم نگردی ای لوند
  • O heedless one, tie a string to thy foot, that thou mayst not become lost to (unconscious of) thyself even, O sluggard!
  • ناسپاسی و فراموشی تو ** یاد ناورد آن عسل‌نوشی تو 310
  • Thy ingratitude and forgetfulness did not call to mind thy (former) drinking of honey.
  • لاجرم آن راه بر تو بسته شد ** چون دل اهل دل از تو خسته شد
  • Necessarily, that way (by which spiritual blessings were conveyed) became barred to thee, since the hearts of the “men of heart” were made sore by thee.