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  • جاده باشد بحر ز اسرائیلیان ** غرقه گه باشد ز فرعون عوان
  • By the Israelites the sea is (made) a highway; by the ruffian Pharaoh it is (made) a drowning-place.
  • مخصوص بودن یعقوب علیه السلام به چشیدن جام حق از روی یوسف و کشیدن بوی حق از بوی یوسف و حرمان برادران و غیر هم ازین هر دو
  • How Jacob, on whom be peace, was privileged to taste the cup of God from the face of Joseph, and inhale the scent of God from the scent of Joseph; and the exclusion of his (Joseph's) brethren and others from both these (privileges).
  • آنچ یعقوب از رخ یوسف بدید ** خاص او بد آن به اخوان کی رسید 3030
  • That which Jacob experienced from (beholding) the face of Joseph was peculiar to him: when did that (delight) come to his (Joseph's) brethren?
  • این ز عشقش خویش در چه می‌کند ** و آن بکین از بهر او چه می‌کند
  • This one (Jacob), from love of him (Joseph), puts himself in the pit, while that one (Joseph's brother) digs a pit for him (Joseph) in hatred.
  • سفره‌ی او پیش این از نان تهیست ** پیش یعقوبست پر کو مشتهیست
  • In the sight of this one (Joseph's brother) his (Joseph's) food-wallet is empty of bread; in the sight of Jacob it is full, for he is desiring eagerly.
  • روی ناشسته نبیند روی حور ** لا صلوة گفت الا بالطهور
  • None with face unwashed beholds the faces of the houris: he (the Prophet) said, “There is no ritual prayer without the ablution.”
  • عشق باشد لوت و پوت جانها ** جوع ازین رویست قوت جانها
  • Love is the meat and drink of souls; hunger, from this point of view, is the food of souls.
  • جوع یوسف بود آن یعقوب را ** بوی نانش می‌رسید از دور جا 3035
  • Jacob had hunger for Joseph; (hence) the smell of the bread was reaching him from afar.
  • آنک بستد پیرهن را می‌شتافت ** بوی پیراهان یوسف می‌نیافت
  • He that took the shirt (of Joseph) was hastening (on his way) and was not perceiving the scent of Joseph's shirt,
  • و آنک صد فرسنگ زان سو بود او ** چونک بد یعقوب می‌بویید بو
  • While he that was a hundred leagues (distant) from that quarter was smelling the perfume, since he was Jacob.
  • ای بسا عالم ز دانش بی‌نصیب ** حافظ علمست آنکس نه حبیب
  • Oh, there is many a learned man that hath no profit of (his) knowledge: that person is one who commits knowledge to memory, not one who loves (it).