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  • چون فراموش خودی یادت کنند ** بنده گشتی آنگه آزادت کنند
  • When you are forgetful of self, you are remembered (by God): (when) you have become a slave (to Him), then you are set free.
  • نومید شدن انبیا از قبول و پذیرای منکران قوله حتی اذا استیاس الرسل
  • How the prophets lost hope of being accepted and approved by the unbelievers, as God hath said: “Until, when the (Divine) Messengers despaired…”
  • انبیا گفتند با خاطر که چند ** می‌دهیم این را و آن را وعظ و پند
  • The prophets said to their hearts (to themselves), “How long shall we continue giving exhortation and counsel to this one and that one?
  • چند کوبیم آهن سردی ز غی ** در دمیدن در قفض هین تا بکی
  • How long shall we misguidedly beat a piece of cold iron? Hark, till when (how long shall we continue) to breathe into a cage?”
  • جنبش خلق از قضا و وعده است ** تیزی دندان ز سوز معده است
  • The motion (action) of created beings is (caused) by Divine destiny and appointment: the sharpness of the teeth is (caused) by the burning (hunger pangs) of the stomach.
  • نفس اول راند بر نفس دوم ** ماهی از سر گنده باشد نه ز دم 3080
  • The First Soul pushed (produced an effect) upon the second soul: a fish stinks from the head, not from the tail.
  • لیک هم می‌دان و خر می‌ران چو تیر ** چونک بلغ گفت حق شد ناگزیر
  • But, whilst recognising (this), still speed on like an arrow: since God hath said, “Deliver (the Divine message),” there is no escape (from doing so).
  • تو نمی‌دانی کزین دو کیستی ** جهد کن چندانک بینی چیستی
  • You do not know which of these two you are: strive (then) so long (as is necessary) that you may discern what you are.
  • چون نهی بر پشت کشتی بار را ** بر توکل می‌کنی آن کار را
  • When you put a cargo on board a ship, you are making that venture on trust,
  • تو نمی‌دانی که از هر دو کیی ** غرقه‌ای اندر سفر یا ناجیی
  • (For) you do not know which of the two you are—whether you are (destined to be) drowned on the voyage or saved (from death).
  • گر بگویی تا ندانم من کیم ** بر نخواهم تاخت در کشتی و یم 3085
  • If you say, “Until I know which I am, I will not hasten on to (embark on) the ship and the ocean;