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  • نوعها تعریف کردندش که هست ** گفت مانا او مگر آن شاعرست
  • They described to him the diverse qualities which exist (in the Prophet): he said, “Belike he is that poet (wizard)
  • که گروهی را زبون کرد او بسحر ** من نیایم جانب او نیم شبر
  • Who subdued a multitude by magic: I will not come half a span towards him.”
  • کش‌کشانش آوریدند آن طرف ** او فغان برداشت در تشنیع و تف
  • Dragging him along, they brought him thither: he raised an outcry in revilement and heat (of anger).
  • چون کشیدندش به پیش آن عزیز ** گفت نوشید آب و بردارید نیز 3145
  • When they dragged him before that venerable one, he (the Prophet) said, “Drink ye the water and carry it away withal.”
  • جمله را زان مشک او سیراب کرد ** اشتران و هر کسی زان آب خورد
  • He satisfied the thirst of them all from that water-skin: the camels and every person drank of that water.
  • راویه پر کرد و مشک از مشک او ** ابر گردون خیره ماند از رشک او
  • From his (the negro's) water-skin he filled large and small water-skins: from jealousy of him the clouds in the sky were distraught.
  • این کسی دیدست کز یک راویه ** سرد گردد سوز چندان هاویه
  • Has any one seen (such a wonder as) this, that the burning glow of so many Hells (of thirst) should be cooled by a single water-skin?
  • این کسی دیدست کز یک مشک آب ** گشت چندین مشک پر بی اضطراب
  • Has any one seen (such a wonder as) this, that all these water-skins were filled from a single water-skin without trouble?
  • مشک خود روپوش بود و موج فضل ** می‌رسید از امر او از بحر اصل 3150
  • The water-skin itself was a veil, and (in reality) at his (the Prophet's) command the waves of (Divine) bounty were coming (to them) from the Sea of origin.
  • آب از جوشش همی‌گردد هوا ** و آن هوا گردد ز سردی آبها
  • “Water by boiling is converted into air, and that air by cold is turned into water.”